Single Review: Pink “Feel Good Time”

Feel Good Time
Album: Charlie’s Angels 2 – Full Throttle Soundtrack
Year: 2003

Pop music thrives on what’s cool at the moment. In 2003, the Charlie’s Angels franchise simply lost its cool factor and flopped at the box office. While it may have looked like a slam dunk for Pink’s agents at the time (considering how well Destiny’s Child did with their theme), it ending up taking away the momentum Pink had built after the success of her second album.

The joyous “Feel Good Time,” written by Beck, Jay Ferguson and produced by William Orbit, is a fine pop treat. It’s devoid of the camp and trashiness of the Charlie’s Angels movie and The single opens calmly, with Pink singing “doo doo doo” with a choral-like background. There are also some electro elements added to undercut it. Pink then starts singing about the devil-may-care life she lives. (“We go where we like/We got over time/We get paid to rattle our chains”). She lives anywhere, mostly getting around with her motorcycle (“Sleeping in the church/Riding in the dirt”).

With her voice sounding fuzzy, she sings that that’s the way she prefers to live (“now our time/feel good time”) She later in the second chorus that “We know how to pray/Party everyday” but are aware of that it’s a sad existence at the same time. She mentionts her motorcycle gang is without a name, as the group itself seems apathetic.

For Pink, who normally sticks to rock-influenced pop, electro dance pop is a welcome depature. However, it’s a not genre that continually suits her. Her dance remixes are hit and miss (with them being mostly misses.)


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