Single Review: Hilary Duff “So Yesterday”

So Yesterday
Album: Metamorphsis
Year: 2003

With the Matrix, Liz Phair is the 34-year-old who still insists on wearing thigh high miniskirts and message t-shirts (“foxy”, “dump him”) and Avril Lavigne is the one who sneers at the popular girls and then secretly chats them up when her friends aren’t around. Hilary Duff is, however, is the homecoming queen. She doesn’t pretend to be about anything else other than boys and clothes.

Written by The Matrix, the flippant “So Yesterday” finds Hilary tossing a boyfriend away like he was last season’s shoes. She starts to sing that people can whatever they want. In this case, her boyfriend changed his mind about her. So she decides to keep things of his (“I’m going to take your jeans and your old black (’cause I wanna)/they good on me/you’re never going to get them back”). In the chorus, she sings that he won’t miss them anyway because he’ll think that it’s “so yesterday” and not realize that she’s “a bird that’s already flown away.” She tries to soften the blow by telling him to “laugh it off.” Hey Hilary, stealing from people is not cool even though you may not like them anymore. It’s a mean and a petty thing to do.

In the second chorus, if at appears as he though was trying to break up with her gently (“you can you’re bored (if you wanna)/you can act real tough/you can say you’re torn” But she isn’t buying it after he ignored her. It isn’t anything that she is going to get upset about, either (“you’re not going to see a single tear/it’s not going to happen here”) Of course, that is after she stole his clothes and then put them on random people whose hygiene habits may not be the best. Then she was no longer hurt by it. Nothing like old-fashioned denial and passive aggressiveness to get over someone.

In the bridge, she sings that “if you’re already over me/then I’m already over you…if you want to walk /I’m a step ahead/if you’re moving on/I’m already gone/if the light is off/then isn’t on.” Now, which one of the lyrics doesn’t belong? If you answered “if the light is off then isn’t on,” you’re correct. While the others represent movement of some kind, the last one states the obvious.

The Matrix shift from pop-rock to dance-pop without missing a beat. “So Yesterday,” is a grower, though and doesn’t quite grab at listeners like “Complicated.” However, it is an efficient single. It’s there to pop and not do much of anything else.


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