Single Review: Pink “God Is A DJ”

God Is A DJ
Album: Try This
Year: 2003

On March 3, 2004, Pink finally said something that didn’t reek of ‘pay-attention-to-me-I-was-better-than-Jessica-Simpson-once’ mentality. She told that she wished people would protest and speak up for themselves. ” Pink’s issue is women’s rights, specifically the partial birth abortion ban: “And I was just enraged, because the law is so broadly written that even rape victims and AIDS-infected patients … can’t get an abortion. She can die [if she has a child]? She [still] can’t get an abortion. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s like we’re going backwards here.”

Mixing celebrities with politics usually is a self-righteous combination. However, Pink sounds educated, aware and passionate about the issue. She also does make some excellent points. Actually, Roe vs. Wade could be overturned in several states, which I recently read in the Detroit News. It’s troubling and I do wish there was more than a small article about it in my county daily.

However by the time she told MTV that, her single “God Is A DJ” was forgotten. The defiant, dance pop of the single makes it one of the better songs to come out in 2003. In the single, Pink is fierce and dominating yet still likeable. She sings in the first verse that she’s been out of place all her life but has found freedom in it (“I’ve been the girl with her skirt pulled high
Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes/Now I see the world as a candy store/With a cigarette smile, saying things you can’t ignore”). She continues her daddy and overall male issues by then singing “daddy, I hate you/lover, hey fuck you” with venom in her voice. Ok, Pink, you can’t love your dad because he left when you were a kid and it’s caused you to never find a good relationship. Ever. Please, take the money you’ve made from your albums and spend it on a therapist. I’m not asking for happy, Norman Rockwell odes to family life, just some variety in the songwriting.

In the chorus, she uses clubbing metaphors and well, God, to convey her point of turning negatives in life into positives. She obviously has some belief in God for her to write that he’s the one that directs life. But for her, he’s a happenin’ God who DJ’s late at night (“if God is a dj/life is a dancefloor/Love is the rhythm/You are the music”). In other God’s going to change the song all the time, be prepared. You’re not always going to like the song. It’s a rather clever chorus once it’s thought all the way through.

In the second verse, Pink sings that “I’ve been the girl- middle finger in the air/Unaffected by rumors, the truth: I don’t care” She says that once a person starts speaking up and being themselves they can’t just stop (“So open your mouth and stick out your tongue/You might as well let go, you can’t take back what you’ve done/So find a new lifestyle/A new reason to smile”) And in the most descriptive lyric of the single, she tells people that they “should look for nirvana/under the strobe lights/sex dreams and sequins.” Nightlife, from her point of view, is dark, sexual, and flashy, which sums up the escapism of clublife.The alliteration also helps make it a great lyric, too.

In the bridge, she sings that “you take what you get and you get what you give/I say don’t run from yourself, man, that’s no way to live/I’ve got a record in my bag you should give it a spin/Lift your hands in the air so that life can begin.” She doesn’t push the any metaphor further, which would’ve been riduclous. It’s not that type of song. However, she does fall to the “put your hands in the air” cliche’ trap. But at least, she’s not telling people to wave them like they just don’t care. It’s Pink ‘s only fumble in an otherwise excellent but unfortunately forgotten pop song.

“God Is A DJ” got a second chance when it was heard in “Mean Girls” and appeared on the soundtrack. However, it was too late: Pink’s pop music career had already fizzled out.


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