Single Review: Thalia & Fat Joe “I Want You”

I Want You
Album: Thalia
Year: 2003

When in America, do as the Americans do. Like most U.S.-based pop stars, Thailia is a multi-tasker. She has a clothing line and accessories sold at K-Mart, her own magazine and perfume as well as a music career.

K-Mart, however, took on an unproven singer in the U.S. and decided to not to carry a small line but a full-length line. Quite a risk considering her crossover album only yielded two modest hit singles. For all the lines, some form of brand recongnition is needed in the U.S. other than “the second woman who married Tommy Mottola.”

To cross over into the States, she opted not to only adopt Jennifer Lopez’s marketing style but her style of music also. Produced and written by Cory Rooney (with co-writing credits going to Thalia and Fat Joe), the frisky “I Want You” is about Thalia wanting to consumate her relationship with her boyfriend.

In the first verse, she sings about how special he is and that she waited a long time for him to come along (“What did I do/to deserve such a man so special in my life/what did I do/to deserve such a man so special in my life..while I sit and wait for mister right/Baby, then came you”). He’s easygoing and when he moves his body, it turns her on (“Laidback with your sexy smile/when you move your body you just drive me wild”).

She tells him in the chorus that she’s ready to have sex (“If you’re feeling me, baby, tell me now/because I want you, I want you/baby no one else/can ever want you like I do”). It’s Fat Joe’s turn as he tells her that he’s falling in love with her and that she’s always been around when he needed her. (“I’m feelin’ love in the deepest fall, give you the keys and all/you even helped me when the beef was on”).

In the second verse, she tries to convince him that it will be the right thing to do. He is essentially is all she ever wanted (“Can’t you see/How this love affair would be good for you and me…The things that you do when you love me/Oh baby, you’re my lifetime fantasy”).

In Fat Joe’s rap, he fends off a woman he hooked up with once before and firmly tells her that he’s a one-woman now. It’s serious as he plans to someday marry her. (“Slow down, love/Don’t you see me with my girl, what you thinkin’ it was/I know you’re used to seein’ me in the clubs/Different chicks, sippin’ Cris’, just a million in dubs..We could maybe elope, have a baby and all/’Cause I don’t wanna be a player no more”). Fat Joe’s rap is positive and his conversational delivery is the best aspect of the single. While other rappers prefer to phone their performances in, Fat Joe is exerting some effort by bringing some michevious and seriousness to his parts.

Thalia faces a problem that both Shakira and Paulina Rubio have: uncomfortable, tight vocals in English but strong, full vocals in Spainsh. It’s as though she’s not yet secure or confident singing in English. Thalia does have potential. However, in order to succeed she needs to pick better material.


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