Single Review: Amanda Perez “Angel”

Album: Angel
Year: 2003

From the album cover, Amanda Perez is dressed in baggy clothes and looking unfeminine. She is being presented as ghetto. From the bio on the website, her image is of a tough, hard living girl who sold drugs to fund her aspiring music career. However, she learned it was not the right way to go. It seems as though the marketing is trying to promote her as a softer, female 50 Cent.

In “Angel,” Perez finds solace in her faith and hopes God will send her someone that can help her through the breakup. In the first verse, she is still hurting after they have been broken up for months. Her ex-boyfriend left abruptly, leaving her to wonder what happened between them (“it’s been five months since you went away/left without a word and nothing to say”).

During this rough time, she asks God to send her an angel to comfort her in the chorus(“God send me an angel/From the heavens above/Send me an angel to heal my broken heart/From being in love…God send me an angel/To wipe the tears from my eyes”).

She wants her ex-boyfriend back and still loves him. He does come back. But she realizes that she doesn’t want to deal with all the pain he caused her again (“And I know it might sound crazy/But after all that I still love you/You wanna come back in my life…I have to tell the one that I once adored/That they can’t have my love no more/Cause my heart can’t take no more lies/And my eyes are all out of cries”). Read a theasurus and learn the tenses, Amanda. Turning a noun into a verb only works if you’re Joss Whedon. Tears would be the proper word to use.

The third verse is a rewritten version of the second. He can’t get her back because he hurt her. She wants to touch him again but knows it can’t happen. (“Now you had me on my knees/Begging God please to send you back to me…Now all I wanted to do was to feel your touch/And give you all my love/But you took my love for granted/Want my lovin’ now/But you can’t have it”). Yes, that point was made already.

The song’s subject — seeking faith for guidance is intriguing. However, it also leans towards being needy. The third verse could’ve been describing her loneliness instead of the ex-boyfriend’s bad behavior again. She can’t make up her mind if she wants him back or not. But she also wants someone to immediately fill that void for her which seems to be implied message of the song. But life isn’t like that and she needs to find the peace within herself before she will be able to find it in someone else.


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