Single Review: Beyonce & Sean Paul “Baby Boy”

Baby Boy
Album: Dangerously In Love
Year: 2003

In an interview with the U.K. tabloid, The Sun, she said God will allow her to wear revealing clothes but He wouldn’t approve her kissing another popstar for a short-term career boost. She said because “I have standards.” That Beyonce, she’s just your everyday Esther (not Madonna, the biblical one).

Backpedaling and blaming ensued once the quote reached the States. A statement on her website read, “I was absolutely misquoted, I never said anything close to the statement…I have never judged anyone based on his or her sexual orientation and have no intention of starting now. I have a lot of gay and lesbian fans, and I love them no differently than my straight fans.” She forgot to add: “Except don’t hold hands or show affection at my shows. But feel free to buy my albums and other merchandise.”

However, “Baby Boy” would not receive God’s stamp of approval. He wouldn’t be pleased about one of his most devout Christians singing about fornication and lusty thoughts. If I remember correctly from my Catholicism classes those are both sins and last I heard, God kind of frowns upon them.

In the single, Beyonce is fantastizing about her crush of the moment. Sean Paul, her crush in the song, opens by letting listeners know “Baby Boy” is “certified quality”. He then rattles off unintelligeble lyrics which could be about how he avoids needy women or doesn’t like silly putty. (“A dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology/Buck dem da right way – dat my policy…Dutty ya, dutty ya, dutty ya/Beyonce sing it now ya”).

She sings that she is always thinking of Paul and he is the man she sees in her reveries (“baby boy you stay on my mind/Fulfill my fantasies/I think about you all the time/I see you in my dreams”).

As though she’s on fire and ready to burst out flames from thinking of him, she coos “ah oh my baby’s fly baby oh/Yes no hurt me so good baby oh/I’m so wrapped up in your love let me go/Let me breathe stay out my fantasies” But Beyonce, think of your faith and of God’s inevitable disapproval! Won’t someone please think of the standards!

Sean Paul responds to her gratification by rapping that he’ll be more than willing to fulfill her every desire. She just has to commit a sin first. (“follow your feelings baby girl because they cannot be denied/Come check me in-a night and make we get it amplified me have da ting to run da ship cause I’m go slip and I’m go slide/And in the words of love I got ta get it certified/
But I give you da toughest longest kinda ride – girl”).

She sings the chorus again and tells him in the second verse she sees them dancing together at a party (“Picture us dancin real close/In a dark dark corner of a basement party/Every time I close my eyes/It’s like everyone left but you and me”). She then reveals the “music is the sun/the dance floor becomes the sea/feels like true paradise to me”). What a wonderful romantic moment: wearing goggles which cover your lover’s eyes and rubber suits to wear while dancing awkwardly and avoiding the nearby hungry sharks.

Next, Beyonce compliments him on his good looks and asks him to “conceive an angel” with her. Oh who cares about those pesky sins and morals anymore! Beyonce’s sold on his charm and wants to make babies as fast as she can. Sean Paul reassures her that they are an item and will be together forever. Until he is in another woman’s fantasy and has to “fulfill” it.

“Baby Boy” could be an easy sell. However with all her talk of being religious, it rings false. She plays the virgin/whore card. But she can’t be both sexual or southern-girl wholesome. As she gets older, she will not be able to maintain this image. Sooner or later, she is going to have to accept one image over the other and stick with it. Otherwise, it will seem riduclous for her to be “I’m not sexual. I’m just that way in the videos” when she’s 30.


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