Single Review: Destiny’s Child “Lose My Breath”

Destiny’s Child is returning from their Beyonce-going-solo hiatus with the single “Lose My Breath”. While it’s a positive career move that Beyonce record with her group again, it ends up feeling like a favor. Sending the key messages that they are all like sisters, wrote their own music and leave doubt that perhaps it’s the last album only make Beyonce’ return emphasize a only a publicity move. Records are meant to be sold (of course) but it’s also to create goodwill among the fans that may think she has forgotten how she became popular at all. The implied message being sent is Beyonce is appreciative and wants to be with her “sisters” again.

Beyonce’s popularity is capitalized on throughout the album. She leads and opens nearly song. She is the selling point. However, as management (meaning Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles) fails to realize Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are there, too. In other words, don’t use them as background singers. Not everyone’s favorite member is Beyonce.

“Lose My Breath” finds Destiny’s Child reteaming with producer Rodney Jerkins (“Say My Name”). Opening with a pounding drum intro (a direct ripoff from JC Chasez’s modest hit “Blowin’ Me Up With Her Love”), “Lose My Breath” goes into hyperdrive.

Beyonce asks her boyfriend in the chorus, “can you keep up/baby boy, make me lose my breath/bring the noise, make me lose my breath/hit me hard, make me lose my..”)

According to, the single is about “a man full of empty promises.” In the first verse, Beyonce sings “put it right there, made it easy for you to get to/Now you wanna act like ya don’t know what to do/After I done everything that you asked me/Grabbed you, grind you, liked you, tried you/Moved so fast baby now I can’t find you.” Well, it’s not promises to pick up the groceries for dinner at the store that he’s not keeping. Maybe my mind is firmly planted in the gutter but I think she’s talking about promises of not being sexually fulfilled. The “grabbed you, grind you” part really led my mind in that direction. Beyonce sounds bored and burned out in her parts. Each note feels like work.

She then sings that perhaps she’s too much for him and even though she’s steered him in the right direction, he’s still clueless as to how to satsify her. (“I’m startin’ to believe that I’m way too much for you/All that talk but it seems like it can’t come through…Now I see where believing you got me/gave you the wheel, but you can’t drive me”). All the double entendres are tough for me to keep it tasteful and make jokes at the same time. Resisting…resisting…

Kelly takes over the second verse. She sings about her two pet peeves in relationships and exactly what she wants him to do. (“Two things I don’t like when I tryin’ to get my groove/Is a partna that meets me only half way and just can’t prove/Take me out so deep when you know you can’t swim…So put it on me deep in the right direction”). Kelly rocks her verse. Her voice shows the most range and unlike Beyonce, doesn’t sound like she isn’t singing from a teleprompter. She continues by advising him to dip it low and not to wind it up slow because she hasn’t gone ‘ooh’ in a long time. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that joke. (” You movin’ so slow like you just don’t have a clue/Didn’t mama teach you to give affection?/You’re the difference of a man and an adolescent”).

Michelle, like usual, gets her ration of six lyrics and sings that the boyfriend needs to please her or otherwise she’ll find it somewhere else (“If you can’t make me say OOO…Why you ask for some and you really want none”). Then all three chime in with “You don’t have no business in this here’s your papers/baby, you are dismissed”.

“Lose My Breath” is among Destiny’s Child best singles. It’s fun and upbeat. However, it needs less Beyonce.


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