Single Review: Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey “Where You Are”

Where You Are
Album: Sweet Kisses/Here On Earth Soundtrack
Year: 2000

In the movie, “Here On Earth,” Samantha Cavanaugh (Leelee Sobieski) is dating her best friend from childhood, Jasper (Josh Harnett). However, she doesn’t really love him. Instead, she falls for the rich snob Kelley (Chris Klein) who crashes into her family’s diner. She then finds ways to ditch Jasper and dates Kelley behind his back. However, she learns she is terminally ill with cancer. Kelley can’t deal and decides to leave his dying girlfriend while heartbroken Jasper looks on. But Kelley comes back in time before she dies to redeem himself.

Samantha is one stupid girl. Kelley destroys her family’s livelihood, doesn’t have any respect for the people in her town, only wants to have sex with her and once it leads to something more than an orgasm, he’s gone. It’s guilt that brings him back. Yet she still pines for him and he will always be her one true love. It wasn’t love Samantha was feeling, just her horomones raging for the first time.

In order to promote the movie, “Here On Earth” had real-life couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey sing the theme “Where You Are”. The video featured Simpson and Lachey, gazing longingly into each other’s eyes and doing other in love couple-like poses. It’s an obnoxious video with Simpson showing off her boyfriend like a 50-karat diamond ring.

The single, written by Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello (Anastascia), M. Stamapolous (Britney’s “Everytime”), and Nick Lachey, is from Simpson’s point of view. She is thinking of her lover who has died. In the first verse, she still feels him and knows he is watching over her. (‘There are times/I swear I know you’re here/When I forget about my fears/Feeling you my dear/Watchin over me”). She thinks of the day she will see him again.

In the chorus, she wonders where he is and how they would be spending there time being together (“Where you are/Where you and I will breathe together/We’ll be dancing in the moonlight/Just like we used to do/And you’ll be smilin back at me/Only then will I be free”).

Lachey sings the second verse. He tells her he can still physically see her and hasn’t forgotten her. He also would do anything to spend time with her again. (“And I can see your face/Your kiss I still can taste/Not a memory erased…And I’d do anything/If I could just/Be right there”).

Lachey then joins in the chorus. In the bridge, he sings he wants her with him to be able to comfort her and show her he is still there, protecting her (“Now baby there were times when selfishly/I’m wishing that you are here with me/So I can wipe the tears away from your eyes/And make you see/That every night while you are dreamin/I’m here to guard you from a far”). They both sing to each other that they think of each other when they feel like they are lonely (“And anytime I feel alone/I close my eyes and just be there/Where you are”). The single ends with Lachey and Simpson hoping to be with each other someday.

Simpson’s vocals are mature and technically perfect. Her singing seems effortless and under control. She is attaining to reach the notes but without the unecessary screaming and shouting. Simpson didn’t used to be the shrill, off-key, baby voice singer with something to prove. She did have potential but has since squandered it on acting ditzy and overexposing herself to any brand which will have her give her money.

Lachey is the superior singer in the relationship, though. He can be pensive and yearning if the lyrics call for the emotions. He overshadows her in the single (the only time he has been able to do so in his career) by conveying some passion which is necessary to sell the single.

“Where You Are,” as overdramatic as it is, fits the movie’s theme. Unlike the movie, Simpson and Lachey have chemistry both in song and video. The love, in the single, feels real and passionate. Listen to the single but avoid the movie.


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