Single Review: Simple Plan “Addicted”

Album: No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls
Year: 2003

Did you just hear Simple Plan? They totally said the word (whisper) dick on the radio? Please, it’s only controversial for twelve-year-olds with parents who think ‘that Simple Charlotte 182 band’ is the bane of evil. Anyone who watches the WB since 1999 has heard it regularly.

In, Pierre Bouvier said about the word dick being used: “We just thought it was a funny line. It’s really so subtle. It just sounds like I have a speech impediment, that’s all.” It’s about as subtle as an episode of the O.C. The lyric has a self-concious, smug tone to it like “hee hee we’re being so funny.”

Nothing like immature, whiny manufactured punk bands to bring back memories of silly relationships in middle school. In the single, lead singer Bouvier is obnoxious and petulant as he complains that “I heard you’re doing okay/but I want you to know I’m a dick/I’m addicted to you” He then is in contraction hell as he whines “I can’t pretend I don’t care/when you don’t think about me” Pick a tense and stick with it. Then, like it’s his ex-girlfriend’s fault that he can’t get over her, he snaps “I tried to make you happy/but you left me anyway”

Sounding clingier than Britney to Kevin on a shopping trip, he sings “But I want it and I need it/I’m addicted to you/now it’s over/can’t forget what you said/and I never wanna do this again” Like the bitter, angry middle-schooler that Bouvier is inside who can’t deal with his feelings properly, he calls her a heartbreaker.

However, he blames himself for the breakup by singing in the second verse: “since the day I met you/And after all we’ve been through/I’m still a dick” And why should your ex-girlfriend take you back again? First, there are some serious insecurity issues going on and the immaturity, the crazy possessiveness. He completely loses his dignity and any of his malehood by saying “I tried to make you happy/I did all that I could/just to keep you/but you left anyway”

Finally, in the last verse his obsessiveness takes hold as he sings “How long will I be waiting?/until the end of time/I don’t know why I’m still waiting/I can’t you make mine” And then he accuses her of being a heartbreaker again.


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