Single Review: Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, & Uncle Charlie Wilson “Beautiful”

Album: Paid Tha Co$t To Be Da Bo$$
Year: 2003

Snoop Dogg’s a pimp with a heart of gold. He’s vowed not to smoke marijuana anymore and even refused to smoke up at The Smoke Out Festival, which he performed. He likes to exploit women, but loves his wife dearly. He’s also a caricature of himself. Once he hit the mainstream, he became a neutered Dogg. His edge is dulled and now he’s shilling for any product who will pay him money.

In “Beautiful,” he is in love with a younger woman and lets her know how he feels. But not too young. He’s not R. Kelly. Producer Pharrell Williams and Uncle Charlie Wilson open with the chorus. They sing “you’re beautiful/I’d just thought I’d let you know.” Awww. How sweet. I’m bored. Let’s get to the bravado and unnecessary violence now.

In the first verse, he raps that his fans will love this new song. He also tells his girlfriend is putting her in the mood and talks about how they grew up together. Apparently, her sister and mom didn’t approve of their friendship. However, since they are older they can be together. He reassures her mom he’s not going to hurt her and really, they just want to hang out and watch modern teen movie classics. (“I know you gon’ lose it, this new Snoop s**t…Back in the days you was a girl I went to school wit/Had to tell your moms and sister to cool it..Mommy don’t worry, I won’t abuse it/Hurry up and finish so we can watch “Clueless”). She gave him wings and made him fly. He lost his strength and his girlfriend gave it back to him. All because she loves him. This like a Diane Warren song but without the vocal gymnastics.

In the second verse, he raps he will defend his girlfriend and “smack” a guy who tries to steal her away. But he’s really polite about it, though. He talks about his classic car and that they will stay together for a while, at least. (“When I see my baby boo, s**t I get foolish/Smack a n**** that tries to pursue it/Homeboy, she taken, just move it/ I asked you nicely, don’t make the Dogg lose it…Keep groovin’, that’s what we doin’/And we gon’ be together until your moms move in”). Don’t mess with Snoop or he’ll use good manners on you!

In the third verse, he publicizes his clothing line and mentions his girlfriend is a huge fan of his music. She’s also in college (and thus, a suburban girl) but is accepting of his pimp/ghetto. lifestyle. He also doesn’t want anybody to hurt her. (“Snoop Dogg Clothing, that’s what I’m groomed in/You got my pictures on the wall in your room-in/You’s a college girl, but that don’t stop you from doin’/Come and see the Dogg in a hood near you-in/You don’t ask why I roll wit a crew…I smack up the world if they rude to you”).

“Beautiful” is a safe, pleasant rap single. Although Snoop Dogg’s delivery is still razor sharp, the material is uneventful. Snoop’s in love and nothing really happens. It’s like he’s in a Disney movie but without the cute, furry singing animals.


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