Single Review: Thalia “Baby, I’m In Love”

Baby, I’m In Love
Album: Thalia
Year: 2003

Thalia, aspiring media mogul she is, launched her own self-titled magazine marketed towards young Hispanic women in the United States on April 30, 2004. It included health, beauty, and fashion tips, celebrity interviews and inspirational human interest stories.

On September 4, 2004, it was reported by Hispanic Trending it was no longer going to be published. It was inevitable. American Media overestimated her name recongnition. She didn’t have much exposure in the U.S. aside from her K-Mart line. Thalia needs to re-think her current Jennifer Lopez image. The jill-of-all-trades is not working for her and it has become obvious she needs to concentrate one buisness venture (like her music). She also needs to build a fanbase and really promote the album. The products shouldn’t be promoting the album, she has to.

If she had marketed herself better in the U.S., “Baby, I’m In Love” could’ve been a breakthrough hit. Written by Kara DiGouardi (Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson) and Guy Roche (Christina Aguilera), “Baby, I’m In Love” finds Thalia turning down a one-night stand and letting him know she’s committed to her boyfriend.

In the first verse, Thalia lets the guy know although she may be out by herself it doesn’t she’s available (“hey, don’t be checking me/Baby I ain’t free/Maybe on my own but/I’m not alone”). She adds that her current relationship is great and the guy isn’t impressing her with his material possessions (“I got a good thing/Doesn’t really matter boy what you have/I don’t need no rock to be off the block”). Thalia is slightly older than the songwriters usually write for. In this verse, she’s like the crazy aunt in the family who still shops in the juniors section and uses teen slang despite not being teen for a two decades. The “rock off the block” and “checkin’ me” should’ve been changed to something approriate.

In the bridge, she tells him he isn’t worth cheating on her boyfriend and ruining an excellent relationship in the process (“Cuz I’m in too deep/To blow a good thing/And one nice mischief/Could cost me everything thing I want”). Then, in the chorus, she tells him she’s in love with her boyfriend and lets the guy down gently. (“I’ve got plans with the one I’m with/They’re a lifetime of being true/Baby in a different place of time/Baby that I might’ve changed my mind”).

The guy, however, keeps pushing and she tells it’s low to cheat on someone else who has given her everything. However, she’s had enough of his pressure and she directly says it’s not going to happen. Period. (“It’s the cheapest talk and the foolish walk/To be running games, and be hiding things/Behind the one you loves back…But I got to say that it’s all for me
There’s nothing that I will do (nothing I will do)/To run the risk of losing him over you”).

Thalia is better suited for the dance pop, as this single shows.. However, her voice is stilted and practiced in the verses. But in the chorus, she is able to be light and relaxed. If she had possessed the same amount of confidence in the verses, the single would have a bit more oomph to it. It’s not the best dance pop single but it is actually enjoyable despite a couple missteps.


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