Single Review: Brandy “Who Is She 2 U”

Who Is She 2 U
Album: Afrodisiac
Year: 2004

2004 has been a mixed year for Brandy. Her album, Afrodisiac had positive reviews but sales were weak. She doesn’t have a record company at the moment since leaving (or being dropped from) Atlantic Records. She had to save face after her ex-husband Robert Smith told all about their arrangement. Instead her denials of the arrangment only made her seem insincere and reinforce the Smith’s claim. The only good thing she has going is developing a television show for Fox. It’s not even promising considering how many television shows are in development but don’t get made.

Despite the career setbacks, she managed to get talented producer Timbaland to write and create her final single from her album, “Who Is She 2 U.” In it, she catches her boyfriend in a lie and calls him on his cheating.

In the first verse, she is on the offensive and demanding answers from her boyfriend. She felt the awkwardness between her boyfriend and his other girlfriend and watches their body language with each other. (“Don’t even think about calling me crazy/You know you peeped that lady/And when I turned and looked at you, you tried/To play it off but I can tell that you two are friends/You were just too nervous, she was looking like she was hurt/Like the memory had surfaced/It kinda got her pissed/I’m kinda wondering myself/If you really know, tell me how you two know each other so well”).

In the chorus, she wants to know if the girl is his other girlfriend or a friend as he claims (“Who is she 2 U?/My eyes can see/Something’s going on/Between you two”).

She and her boyfriend are arguing in the second verse. He’s calling her insecure, she wants a straight answer from him. (“There’s no way you can deny it/Then you wanna flip and call me insecure/I’m only bugging because you are so suspicious/Then you say I don’t trust ya”).

By the bridge, she’s bringing up the girl mentioned in the first verse and getting specific with her questions (“Why did she make that face? (don’t lie)/You were so ashamed (don’t lie)/What are you not saying boy? (ooooh)/I’m really not playing boy…you better start explaining boy”).

Timbaland’s production is without the unusual noises and effects, which defined his sound. He opted to keep the single normal, making it plain in comparison to his past work. Brandy, however, is out of range. Her voice is scratchy, rough, and worn. She screams each note, essentially. If the song were in another key or pitch, perhaps it would better.


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