Single Review: Lindsay Lohan “Over”

Album: Speak
Year: 2004

Lindsay Lohan’s new single, “Over” could describe the eventual status of her career next year if she continues go in the Tara Reid direction she’s in. Clueless and immature, she told USA Today “I hope people don’t think I’m annoyed at the press.” When pop stars sing songs about how much they hate the press, annoyance is the inevitable conclusion.

She also was reported saying in Launch, “I wanna be able to sing stuff to show that I have a voice and I can actually project.” However, after her recent Good Morning America appearance, rumors swirled she was lip-synching. reported “she had her mouth closed while her voice came through the speakers.”

Oh those pesky reporters. Don’t they know she’s sick of rumors starting and that they will just say what they want anyway (read: doing their job). Her publicist quickly deflected it with “Lindsay sang completely live, the band was live and the background singers were live.” Yeah, so there! Why won’t you back off of her and let her live, Zap2It!

Written by current teen pop go-to writers Kara DioGuardi and John Shanks (Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff), the rock-pop ballad “Over” drags and plods during its allotted three minutes.

In the single, Lohan wants to find out if her relationship with her boyfriend is well, over. She tells him although she’s opened herself up, she will shut herself off from him if she needs to. (“I watched the walls around me crumble/But its not like I won’t build them up again”) She howls the on “crumble and “again” to create the affected rock voice. She later sings, “And my tears are turning into time/I’ve wasted trying to find a reason for goodbye.” Time, in Lohan’s world is an adjective. Apparently, little clocks streak down her orangey, overly-tanned cheeks. Unless the songwriter is Joss Whedon, they can’t pull off that kind of wordplay.

In the chorus, she sings she “can’t without him” or “breathe without him.” She sees herself with only him, but lets her boyfriend know she’ll go if he wants her to (“It won’t be right if were not in it together/Tell me that it’s over/And I’ll be the first to go”). She’s not convincing anyone. The minute he’s gone, she’ll be writing him e-mails to his heart with such sentiments as “we should give our love another chance. I didn’t mean like over over!”

In the second verse, she wants to know right away what he’s feeling about her and that she’ll just let him be, if necessary (“Don’t want to be the last to know/Don’t want to be the one to chase you”). Even she doesn’t believe herself as she reveals that his heart is her home. She rather not to deal with him leaving at all (“but at the same time you’re the heart that I call home/I’m always stuck with these emotions/And the more I try to feel the less I’m whole”). Lohan’s all over the place. First she’s kicking him out. Next, she can’t live without him. By the second verse, she’s numb but still in love. She can’t even decide if she wants in or out of the relationship.

Lohan’s voice is like Hilary Duff’s but without the coy, sweet quality to it. Her vocals are shrill and tuneless. Her singing is harsher than her makeup in the music video to “Rumors.”


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