Single Review: Lucy Woodward “Blindsided”

Album: While You Can
Year: 2003

When a celebrity promotes something, usually a lighthearted, comical story is used to help sell it. Lucy Woodward decided to gross everyone out instead. In several of her (few) articles, she told how the first time she heard her music on the radio, she was throwing up at the time. First, ew! Secondly, if it’s true, her publicist should’ve made a story up which did not involve heaving. Third, she really should’ve used the press to develop a personality and not repeat the same story. Now, every time I think of Lucy Woodward, I think “Gag Girl.”

Anyway, Gag Girl had a second single released, “Blindsided” from her debut album. In the single, she is reluctant to admit she has a crush. One theme which seems to dominant Woodward’s songs is that she’s fiercely independent, which is to the point of frigid.

In the first verse, Woodward is noticing she’s feeling giddy (“Nothing like walkin’ down Avenue A/but it’s not like any other day/cuz I feel you more than ever now”). However, she’s lost without her independence, a quality she prides in herself. But she’s learning it’s not a weakness to feel butterflies (“Nothing like a girl with an attitude/but take it all away she don’t know what to do/now I got you in my fantasy/over and over, humbling me”).

In the chorus, she knows she’s been self-absorbed in her own life to really pay attention to anyone else. She enjoyed being a narcissistic person. Also, she didn’t even know she liked the guy until she finally realized in her cold, stubborn heart there were romantic feelings brewing. However, given the fact she is not used to feeling anything other than self-love, she has a childish response of “it’s not fair” to her emotions (” I got blinded/so used to seeing things my own way/and I liked it…now I’m blindsided/you rocked my world I never saw it coming/got nowhere to hide, and it’s not fair”).

Lucy does have a heart after all! In the second verse, she is finally open and honest about her crush. She will sometime watch him while he’s sleeping. He also makes her feel like a schoolgirl, as she daydreams about him. (“Well, here’s that other side of me
where I sneak into your room and watch you sleep/And you bring out the high school in me/I can’t pay attention”). She recongnizes the love-’em and leave ’em style of romance is so yesterday and now, she only wants to be with him. (“Living in the moment just kills the time/
I wanna find you and make you mine”). Next, she tries to infuse some soul in the single by imitating a thumping bass of a boombox. (“My heart’s a boombox, beatin all over town/it goes bum, bum, bum, bum”). But she sounds like Justin Timberlake if he had largynitis. Her voice needed to be deeper to pull it off.

When Lucy Woodward falls, she falls fast. However, it doesn’t seem as sincere as it should be. It’s due to her unyielding need to prove her independence. Really, as her songs have shown, she’ll just toss him when she’s finished. It’s going to be short-lived, making it tough to root for Woodward at all.


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