Single Review: Stacey Q “Two Of Hearts”

Two of Hearts
Album: Better Than Heaven
Year: 1986

If there’s a movie out about a hedonistic subculture, it’s either on my viewing list or I’ve seen it. “Go” and “Thirteen” are some of my favorite movies. However, one of the darker subculture films I’ve seen to date is “Party Monster” with Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green.

In it, Culkin starts out as a Michael Alig, a loner who moves to New York and vows not to do drugs. Then he sees James St. James (Seth Green) in his costume club gear and is fascinated by him. Alig then decides he wants to be James St. James and become a club kid. He throws elaborate, outlandish parties for the club kids and is finally accepted. He falls in love with Keiko (Wilmer Valderrama), gets addicted to hard drugs and becomes a killer.

In a scene, Alig dances with Keiko to Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts.” I, for something to break the tension, exclaimed to my boyfriend, “It’s Stacey Q! I’m not the only other person who hasn’t heard of the song!” Then, I was jarred by seeing Kevin McCallister in pink hot pants. Doooo-eooooooo. BOOM! And that was the sound of my childhood memories of watching “Home Alone” dying.

Nonetheless, the movie reintroduced me to Stacey Q. “Two of Hearts” is classic synth dance pop. The lyrics are shallow and straightforward. However, it rises above its mediocrity with the music. It could be remixed by Felix Da Housecat or Murk and still fit into the playlists of today’s clubs.

In the single, she purrs in her kittenish voice that she needs her boyfriend. It seemed like her boyfriend wanted to keep their relationship a secret. However, she plays up her infatuation with him by stroking his ego. (“I need you, I need you… I never said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody…But this good lovin’ I can’t keep it to myself…When we’re together it’s like hot coals in a fire/Hot, baby/My body’s burnin’, so come on be my desire”).

She has confidence in the relationship. But she’s also a really needy woman and finding him has seemed to complete her life. (“I’ve got this feelin’ that you’re goin’ to stay/I never knew that it could happen this way/Before I met you I was fallin’ apart/But now at last I really know that we are”).

She tells him in the chorus they are meant to be together forever and ever. She’s going to cling to him like static on a t-shirt and never let him go. (“Two hearts that beat as one/Two of hearts/I need you, I need you”).

Other people are warning him about her (with good reason) and she refutes it by saying they are just jealous because they can’t have what she has. She adds that she’s dumb and can be easily molded into whatever he wants her to be. (“People get jealous ‘cause we always stay together… I guess they really want a love like yours and mine/Together, forever/I never thought that I could ever be this happy/My brains were empty, boy, you came in the nick of time”). Not only is she insecure, she also has low self esteem and devotes her entire life based on her boyfriend of the moment. It’s pathetic. If she were assertive instead of passive, it would give the lyrics the vigor to match the music.


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