Single Review: Wayne Wonder “Bounce Along”

Bounce Along
Album: No Holding Back
Year: 2003

After recording dancehall albums for fifteen years, Wayne Wonder finally broke through the mainstream with his hit single, “No Letting Go.” A veteran of the music buisness, he is able to know when it’s been too long for another single to be released: “I wanted a (No Letting Go) remix because the record company was taking too long to release the second single in the US,” according to Situation UK magazine) and when something is only a fad: “I didn’t want my (No Letting Go) video to be all bling-blingy, because in 5 years time it will look old” (also from Situation UK).

He seems to have the attitude if the record company won’t make things happen for him, he will capitalize on his success and network to make things happen. He may be a one-hit wonder in the U.S. but he will keep going in the dancehall genre.

Wonder takes a positive approach toward women and relationships. In “Bounce Along,” he’s enjoying a new relationship. He compliments her and likes being intimate with her. He’s excited to know he’s exactly what she’s been looking for. Every other girlfriend he’s had before cannot compare to her. He wants to show his love to her. (“Beautiful girl and that’s for sure/The way she make love me haffi regress small…Says she wants a man like me in her life/I don’t wanna talk about/What I had before/So what I wanna do right now/Is give you love galore”).

He wants to their relationship to develop naturally and just go with the flow in the chorus. (“Bounce along, bounce along/Only you can turn me on”).

He’s in the honeymooon stage of the relationship: discovering and relishing every quirk, spending as much time with her as he can. He wants to be with her day and night. He finds himself lost without her when she’s not around. (“Maybe all I believe is what seen in you/
Loving every single thing you do…Saying I don’t need nobody else/Coz all I’m searching for I found in you/I don’t wanna sleep alone/Without you in my bed/Coz when you’re not around my love/It’s messing up me head”).

While the sentiments are welcome, the repetitiveness is not. The first and second chorus are repeated again, making the single seem like its on an endless loop. The production is slick and polished like a shiny, vintage convertible. However, Wonder’s voice’s is tinny and plastic from all the gloss.


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