Single Review: Anastascia “Left Outside Alone”

Left Outside Alone
Album: Anastascia
Year: 2004

After her second album flopped in the U.S., Anastascia’s career went straight to the U.K. However in January 2003 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, as reported by Next, she appeared on 20/20 and had them follow her through her surgery and treatment. Then, she started the Anastascia Fund created through Breast Cancer Research Fund. Unlike some celebrities who attach themselves to the latest cause at the moment in exchange for positive publicity, Anastascia is sincere.

From the operatic opening, the goth-rock influenced dance track “Left Outside Alone,” is a mishmash of vocals and genre. Neither which seem to connect with the other. An awkward sounding, practiced background singer begins with the bridge “All my life I’ve been waiting/For you to bring a fairy tale my way/Been living in a fantasy without meaning/It’s not okay I don’t feel safe”). It would be assumed the song is going to be angsty with a lot of guitars and lyrics about how misunderstood the singer is. Why Anastascia didn’t start the song herself is a mystery considering she sings the bridge later with much more passion and intensity.

It’s not. After the bridge, a dance beat starts up. Anastascia then tells her soon-to-be ex boyfriend he has made her lonely and depressed. She’s suffocating and thought he was a geniunely good person. (“Left broken empty in despair/Wanna breath can’t find air/Thought you were sent from up above/But you and me never had love”).

He’s left her in the cold and she asks him if he knows how it feels to have it happen to him. She has him learn how it feels by leaving him hanging (“And I wonder if you know/
How it really feels/To be left outside alone/When it’s cold out here/Well maybe you should know/Just how it feels/To be left outside alone”).

It’s now back to being a rock song as Anastascia sings the bridge (“all my life I’ve been waiting…” She adds at the end, though, she needs to pray. In the second verse, she tells him she doesn’t want to be toyed with and take the blame for everything he does (“why do you play me like a game/always someone else to blame/careless, helpless little man”).

She does eventually pray, though. She sings a few words of the Lord’s Prayer (“oh heavenly father/save me”)

Anastascia needs to find a new shtick. She’s been leaving uncaring boyfriends for several years now. She should sing about why she keeps finding these guys. It would at least be a different topic.


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