Single Review: Bon Jovi “Bounce”

Album: Bounce
Year: 2003

After September 11, 2001, the tragedy not only became history but a marketing tactic. A tactic Bon Jovi used to help the sell the album, ‘Bounce’ (from “The name pretty much personifies what this country is going through. We bounce back. There’s a song called ‘Still Standing’ and one called ‘Another Reason to Believe,’ so it’s pretty obvious what the stories are about.” Who has American spirit! Bon Jovi! They have spirit, yes they do! But in all seriousness, using a national tragedy to sell mediocre rock music is like kicking a puppy. It’s wrong to do.

For Bon Jovi, bouncing back means kicking some ass. Jon Bon Jovi tells people he’s been written off by others countless times and anyone can relate to his troubles. He attributes it to maybe doing something awful or having bad luck. But he really doesn’t care what is that has caused him pain. “I been knocked down so many times/Counted out 6, 7, 8, 9/Written off like some bad deal/If you’re breathing you know how it feels/Call it karma, call it luck/Me, I just don’t give a…” The next word, which would be fuck, is not even said. It’s replaced with drums.

In the chorus, he proclaims nothing will keep him down. Except for parental advisory stickers, that is. He’s also going to disprove those who say he can’t do anything. (“Bounce, Bounce/Nothing’s gonna keep me down/Bounce, Bounce Stand up, shout it out/Bounce, Bounce/I play hard, I play to win/Count me out, count me in/I’ll be bouncing back again”).

Bon Jovi continues with the sports metaphors (“This ain’t no game; I play it hard/Kicked around, cut, stitched and scarred/I’ll take the hit but not the fall”). There’s a hint that “Still Standing,” the track talked about in the article is this song, as the phrase is referenced and the theme: “I know no fear, still standing tall”

He eggs his detractors on, telling them to be as nasty as possible to him. Then, he will call them on it. But he doesn’t care what anyone says about him. Really. He’s just like one of those wrestlers who used to be on the WWF telling their competitors they are going down! Then, they lose in a dramatic and choreographed way. (“Bring it on, I like it rough/
In your face, I call your bluff”).


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