Single Review: Hilary Duff “Little Voice”

Little Voice
Album: Metamorphosis
Year: 2003

There are only four requirements in order to have a proper, by-the-book Hilary Duff movie: lots of falling, cute boys, plenty of popular people teasing unfashionable clothes, and dreams of being a pop star. Her last three movies have followed the formula to the point they resemble the last Hilary Duff movie preceding it.

But in her music, she’s the exact opposite: confident, sought after by all the cute boys, and dressed in stylish clothing. In “Little Voice,” written by Kara DioGuardi (Thaila, Ashlee Simpson) and P. Berger, Hilary Duff’s instincts are telling her not to go out with her ex-boyfriend again. She’s just so popular and pretty, she’s turning the boys away.

Her ex-boyfriend told her he likes her and wants her back. However, Hilary isn’t going to have the same gushy response. “I won’t tell you what I’m thinking/’Cause it’s not the same thing you’re thinking, too”) Instead, she tells she has doesn’t have a good feeling about them getting back together. (“You could say I got a best friend/And she’s always telling me what to do/she’s out of sight, but easy to find/she’s in the front of my mind.”)

Her instincts have been right in the past and reminds her of the stuff that happened the last time when she dated her ex-boyfriend. She isn’t going to disregard her instincts (“The little voice in my head won’t let me forget/The little voice in my head is never misled/All of this noise is what keeps me from making a mess/The little voice in my head just won’t let me get with you”).

She still has feelings for him and thinks about what he’s up to since they broke up. However, she’s not insterested in dating him again. (“When I see you I admit/I start to lose my grip and all of my cool/You smell so sweet just like my perfume/What have you been doing since I left you/You’re always there in my thoughts/But that doesn’t mean that it’s on”).

Towards the end, there is a hinting of him wanting to only sleep with her and she not wanting to. She’s not that type of girl. (” I know I sound insane, like I’m playing games/’Cause all I really want is you/But there are some things a girl won’t do”).

Hilary Duff’s music is worth checking out, but ignore the movies. Metamorphosis is an excellent bubblegum pop album. At times, it’s suggestive (“Party Up”, “Metamorphosis”) clever (“The Math”), and innocent (“Love Just Is”).


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