Single Review: Michelle Branch “Breathe”

Album: Hotel Paper
Year: 2003

Michelle Branch realizes she’s been pushing her boyfriend away in “Breathe.” She hasn’t let him get to know her, something she didn’t know she was doing until he told her about it. Defensive, she thinks he’s criticizing her and not wanting to say something she regrets, she leaves. She decides she needs to drive and clear her head. (“I’ve been driving for an hour/
Just talking to the rain/You say I’ve been driving you crazy/and its keeping you away/So just give me one good reason/Tell me why I should stay/’Cause I dont wanna waste another moment/in saying things we never meant to say”).

While driving, she tries to calm herself down by taking deep breaths. She admits she hasn’t been there, in terms of opening herself up, to him yet. (“I, hold my breath and count to ten/I, I’ve been waiting for a chance to let you in”). She’s upset she may lose him and tells herself everything will work out fine. She hopes he will give her another chance. (“If I just breathe/Let it fill the space in between/I’ll know everything is alright…Every little piece of me/
You’ll see/Everything is alright/If I just breathe”).

She knows she’s made a huge mistake and didn’t communicate to him when she had many opportunities to. She’s caused the drama in the relationship and now puts herself in his place.(“Well it’s all so overrated/In not saying how you feel/So you end up watching chances fade/And wondering what’s real”). She decides to let him be for a while before she approaches him again and will wait for a signal when he’s ready to speak to her again. (“And I give you just a little time/I, Wonder if you realize/I’ve been waiting till I see it in your eyes”).

Branch takes responsibility for her actions and recongnizes communication is important in a relationship. Although she almost loses him to realize it, she grows up during the hour she spent driving.


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