Single Review: Norah Jones “What Am I To You”

What Am I To You
Album: Feels Like Home
Year: 2004

Norah Jones has developed a relationship with a man but doesn’t know if he is in love with her or sees as a friend in “What Am I To You.”

Jones strikes a casual, cool tone at first. Although she is direct and asks him first thing (“what am I to you/tell me darling, true”), she unafraid to describe what makes him special to her. In an enraptured manner, she tells him he’s intelligent and well-rounded (“To me you are the sea/vast as you can be/And deep the shade of blue”).

They are friends and turn to each other when they need someone to talk to (“When you’re feeling low/To whom else do you go”). She can’t stand to see him upset and if something terrible happened to him, it happens to her, too. (“See I cry if you hurt/I’d give you my last shirt/Because I love you so”).

She wants to know if he’s willing to do the same for her (“If my sky should fall/
Would you even call”). She tells him she’s was able to make herself vulnerable and wants to be with him. However, she’s giving him the upper hand to decide if he wants the relationship to go further or remain as friends (“Opened up my heart/I never want to part/I’m giving you the ball”).

She puts in one last plea as for why he should consider a change in their relationship: (“When I look in your eyes/I can feel the butterflies/I love you when you’re blue..what am I to you”). She asks him to give her a chance but to be honest (“Could you find a love in me/Could you carve me in a tree/Don’t fill my heart with lies”). She the ends the song the same way she began it, asking pensively “what am I to you”

While her voice conveys her inner emotions (joyous, serious, open), the tone throughout is the confidence she’s trying to convey to him. She’s easygoing and cheerful even though she may be scared inside. It’s as though it’s how she planned to bring up the subject, knowing a “can we talk” could put him off immediately. She doesn’t want him to feel threatened but she doesn’t want to show exactly how she feels once she hears his answer.


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