Single Review: Boomkat “The Wreckoning”

The Wreckoning
Year: 2003

Actress Taryn Manning, featured as one of E! Online’s Sizzlin’ 16 of 2002, spoke more of her band than her acting prospects. In 2002, her acting career was starting to take off. She found her niche role (trashy best friend from the wrong side of the tracks) and then played the same characters in all three movies mentioned: 8 Mile, Crossroads, and White Oleander.

However, her audition on the WB’s Popstars is glossed over with: “dismissed after singing one note.” Well, it was really several, painfully stretched out notes. With her eyes closed and hands on the earphones, she warbled an off-key rendition of “Genie In A Bottle.”

It wasn’t enough embarassment for Taryn, though. She managed to get a record deal and formed a band with her brother, Kellin. In “The Wreckoning,” Taryn raps about her skills and her bad girl attitude. In her tarnished-as-cheap-silver voice, she revels in hurting her ex-friend’s feelings and brags about kicking her ass. (“I came I saw I kicked some ass/The pain I cause it makes me laugh”). Then, she claims she is addictive and people can’t get enough of uniqueness. (“‘Cause the way I do my thing is strange/I just inject myself into your veins, yeah”). In her put-on ghetto inflections, she drags out the words “strange” and “veins.” She reminds me of the girls in high school who finally go ‘street’ to become cool with the popular ‘bad girls’ crowd. Before long, they can be heard rapping in the hallway before class and thinking they are the toughest, most mature people in school because they say words really, really fast now.

In the chorus, she warns her ex-friend they won’t be able to escape from her coolness and talent (“Can’t run can’t hide/There’s no way out/The sun will rise and it’s about/Time for the wreckoning/Time time for this girl to sing”). All I have to say, a lot of people will be going to hell that day. She’s like a Siren from the Odysessy and just as evil. Don’t listen to the voice!

She wants her ex-friend to change her ways and suddenly be her best supporter. However, Taryn is unnerved that her former friend could careless about her. (“Damn if I thought that you would change/And my life would stay the same/When you don’t even care about me/
You know, you don’t give a damn”). Nothing says Best Friends Forever (BFF) like “I kicked your ass. I want our friendship to be all about me, me, me! Be friends with me, now”

Since her friend doesn’t accept her terms, she dumps her. (“And one thing I know for sure is that/You don’t give a damn about me/And so I’m walking out the door.”). Then, she threatens to murder her for not giving in. (“Can’t move can’t breathe it’s gettin dark/The beast has come to steal your heart/So you better practice your scream/Well you may not live your dreams”).

She admits she’s not handling her problems well and pretends to be happy. Although she thinks her friend is in the wrong. Instead, she tries to save face and say it was her friend that was the problem. Um, no it was self-absorption.(“And I’m running from my problems/I got my funny face painted on/And then I’ll think of what you said to me/And then I’ll think of what you did to me/I’ll think of you and probably laugh…You’re the one I’m running from”).

Like Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez, Taryn is all about herself. Nobody else matters. A friendship doesn’t hold any value unless she can get her ego boosted all the time. The arrogance is unwarranted, given Taryn has never carried her own movie and was humilated on a reality show.


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