Single Review: Faith Hill “You’re Still Here”

You’re Still Here
Album: Cry
Year: 2003

In the dull ballad, “You’re Still Here,” Faith Hill remembers her lover who died. She saw someone who looked like him. Although it was someone else, she believed it was really him. Something reminds her everyday of him and he’s still there for her in spirit. (“Thought I saw you today/You were standing in the sun then you turned away/And I know it couldn’t be/But my heart believed/Oh it seems like there’s something everyday/How could you be so far away/
When you’re still here”).

The child they had together looks like him and when she needs some guidance, he’s listening. (“When I need you you’re not hard to find/You’re still here/I can see you in my baby’s eyes”). She dreamt he was an angel the night before and he took her on a trip through heaven. The dream felt so real to her, she thought it had really happened. (“I had a dream last night/
That you came to me on silver wings/And I flew away with you on a painted sky/And I woke up wondering what was real/Is what you see and touch or what you feel/’Cause you’re still here”).

She heard a stranger laugh like her husband and she waited to hear him again. Then, she reveals she saw someone who looked like him again today. (“I heard you in a strangers laugh/
And I hung around to hear him laugh again/Just once again/Thought I saw you today/You were standing in the sun then you turned away”).

The death of a spouse is incredibly painful and heartbreaking. However, “You’re Still Here” romanticizes the situation. Her grief is simplified and nonexistent. Nonetheless, she’s finding him in everything and seems to be searching for him. The searching is the real song here, not the fact she still feels his spirit. The single needed to be insightful and darker, not repeating dialogue from the movie Ghost.


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