Single Review: Killers “Mr. Brightside”

Mr. Brightside
Album: Hot Fuss
Year: 2004

Brandon Flowers can’t look at the glass half full anymore in “Mr. Brightside” after falling for a woman.

He’s been feeling trapped inside until recently. Now, for once in his life he has confidence and wants to do everything. He met a young woman whom he liked and shared a kiss. However, the woman has a boyfriend. He can’t believe he fell for her. He thought the kiss was meaningless to him. But it wasn’t as he ponders as to why a casual action became something real.(“I’m coming out of my cage/And I’ve been doing just fine…Because I want it all/It started out with a kiss/How did it end up like this/It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss”).

He hangs out with his crush and her boyfriend a lot. But it’s gotten to the point, he can’t stand to watch them enjoy each other’s company. (“And she’s calling a cab/While he’s having a smoke/And she’s taking a drag”). As they leave his home, he knows they will have sex. He tortures himself by imagining them having sex and it makes him extremely sick to think of it. (“Now they’re going to bed/And my stomach is sick/And it’s all in my head/But she’s touching his-chest/Now, he takes off her dress”).

He’s jealous and it’s affecting his friendship with them. (“I just can’t look its killing me/
And taking control”). He wants to be the better person. He notes it brings out the competitiveness in people: the best captain, the most loved parent. He chides himself for for being the good person and not trying to break them up. It’s the way he is and he is hating it. (“Jealousy, turning saints into the sea/Turning through sick lullabies…But it’s just the price I pay/Destiny is calling me/Open up my eager eyes/‘Cause I’m Mr Brightside”).

He wants to take risks, as he exclaims at the end “I never.”

The Killers have a talent for writing songs about the worst of human nature (fear of becoming someone you didn’t want to be, frustration and anger for doing the right thing) and having it be sympathetic. Watching your crush fall for someone else and thinking you could better for that person. You take notes of the significant other’s flaws, dissect them, and wonder why did my crush decide to like the other person instead?

I’ve done this so many times and yet I question myself despite knowing it’s not my fault the guy is a jerk. Sometimes, it’s tough to fight those feelings and think your crush is the person you want. But it hurts more when your crush is with someone else and still flirting with you. Then, it’s emphasized even more that somehow you’re not good enough. I’ve been there and it’s worth it to cut off contact then think you might have a chance when you really don’t.


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