Single Review: Kim Wilde “View From A Bridge”

View From A Bridge
Album: Select
Year: 1982

In “View From A Bridge,” Kim Wilde comtemplates killing herself after seeing her boyfriend sleeping with another woman.

Written by Ricky Wilde and Marty Wilde, Kim brother and father respectively, the single explores her internal conflict instead of the usual confrontation which is common in today’s music.

The single opens with the chorus. She is at the bridge, thinking she’s worthless (“View from a bridge/can’t take anymore”). Her relationship with her boyfriend began in a storybook, meet-cute way. She’s ashamed of herself of letting herself think somebody could really love her (“I guess it all began about a year ago/Like a cheap love magazine/You know the kind you read about/And have to laugh…Now I can’t believe that fool inside is me/’Cos I just can’t face the world/I’ve grown to see”).

She saw her boyfriend making love to another woman. Her boyfriend could only glare at her, implying it was her fault he’s cheating on her. She saw her future with him. Now the man she was living for could care less about her. (“I saw you making her/In the soft sheets in between/But when you turned around/I saw your eyes were fire/And you crashed out all my dreams”). She regrets standing there, in shock and not saying anything it. She wished she would’ve not taken the insults and blame he perhaps hurled at her (“And like a fool I just stood there/And let it go/I should have fought right back/And let my feelings show”).

He’s emotionally abusive and selfish towards her and now, it has finally destroyed her. She’s thinking if she kills herself maybe then he will care. She fantasizes he will think of how much he is hurting her and will come to stop her. (“Well you cut me down/For the things you want/And now it’s killing me…I’ll lay it on the line now/You’re running out of time now”).

But this isn’t going to happen and she decides to jump. (“But then a voice said jump/And I just let go”). However, she still hopes it will as she feels herself falling into the ocean (“And I’m floating out in space/But then I feel your arms/And I turn around/To a ghost without a face”). She doesn’t know anymore what’s real as she dying. All she sees is her spirit looking at her dead body. (“And I just don’t know/What’s fact or fantasy/’Cos when I look below the bridge/I see it’s me”).

The single is a cautionary tale for women in abusive relationships. Her boyfriend had her believing she wasn’t capable of finding another man and putting the blame on her for the problems in the relationship. The devastation coupled with the abuse led her to kill herself. It’s unfortunate. Love shouldn’t mean being intimidated, afraid or something which must be earned for following the rules.


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