Single Review: Kylie Minogue “I Believe In You”

I Believe In You
Album: Ultimate Kylie
Year: 2004

Kylie Minogue has more greatest hits compilations than albums. Three released in the United States alone since her comeback (“Hits +, “Greatest Hits 1987-1999,” and “Ultimate Kylie”). However, in any incarnation, her old hits are worth discovering. For “I Believe In You,” Kylie teams with dance sensations Scissor Sisters.

After opening with a heavenly and glamorous trance beat, Kylie she starts a conversaton with her crush. Her crush doesn’t know her, although he knows who she is. She’s jaded and doesn’t believe in something unless she sees it. She also doesn’t fall in love to fall in love. She wants to feel it. (“I don’t believe you know me/Although you know my name/I don’t believe the faults I have/Are only mine to blame/I don’t believe in magic/It’s only in the mind/I don’t believe I’d love somebody/Just to pass the time”).

But there’s something about him. She’s optimistic about him and warms to him easily, which she doesn’t seem to do at all. (“But I believe in you/And I believe in you”).

For her, beauty is a one-time only deal and once it’s gone, it can’t be found. However, she finds him to be handsome than any man featured in famous paintings. She thinks the people are intuitive of others’ spirits (“I don’t believe that beauty/Will ever be replaced/I don’t believe a masterpiece/Could ever match your face…I don’t believe that when you die/Your presence isn’t felt”).

She tells him in the bridge that if he leaves, her world would be shaken. While she doesn’t in forever usually, she believes they have a future. She wants to give him everything she can offer. (“And if you ever have to go away/Nothing in my world could ever be the same/Nothing lasts for ever, but together til the end/I’ll give you everything I have again and again”).

The chorus follows with Kylie euphoric and giddy for finding a love of her own. (“I believe in..I believe in…I believe in you”).


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