Single Review: Monica “Knock Knock”

Knock Knock
Album: After the Storm
Year: 2003

Written by Missy Elliott, Monica’s “Knock Knock” is not worth an answer. The intro starts with dogs barking and her ex-boyfriend pounding on the door, apologizing and wanting to be let inside. Missy Elliott then adds that this is a new Monica song (“so upset/This that hot new/Uh huh/Yeah/New Monica”). Sadly, it seems like she’s still writing for Aaliyah. Elliott even has Monica singing it as though Aaliyah would.

Monica notices the irony of him chasing her now. Her ex-boyfriend thought she would stay and put up with his behavior. However, Monica has already moved out of his place and into her own apartment. (“It’s funny how the tables turn now it’s you running after me/Didn’t wanna spent quality time, didn’t think I would ever leave/You got way to comfortable, now you say you want me in your life/Cuz I packed up all my s*** and I’m moving in my new place tonight”).

In the chorus, she tells him not to contact her anymore (“Knock Knock Knock/
Stop knocking don’t come knocking at my door/Ring Ring Ring/Let the phone stop I don’t want you calling me no more”). Elliott’s contributionss of a high-pitched “so upset” and grunts between the verses and choruses are distracting.

She tells him that although he tried to play her, he ending up losing. She throws his need for freedom in his face, saying he can do whatever he wants now. (“Boy it’s a dangerous game to try and play a chick like me/Wanna go out and do your thang I will be out for ya count to three/So do just what you want, anytime that you really like/I put a payment on my place, you be sleeping alone tonight”).

Monica then raps. However, her rap skills consist of imitating Elliott’s phrasing. Her ex-boyfriend, like all ex-boyfriend in songs, would pay more attention to his friends than her. He also likes to dress tacky: gold rings on his fingers, gold teeth in his mouth, and chains around his neck. (“I see you put yo clean on/Big chains gold teeth and yo gleam on/All night wanna be gone/Wanna tell me stay home like I got a ah ring on/Now you say I’m not your wife right right/So why should I be chillin goodnight goodnight”). Monica is amateurish and lifeless in this section. There would’ve an improvement if Elliott had done it, like she usually does. But if the rap was gone, it would’ve been ever better.

Elliott tries to add some humor to the single with a phone message. Monica’s been ignoring the phone due to her ex-boyfriend’s incessant calling, she hasn’t been answering. But Missy Elliott has been trying to get through and tells her she’s late for recording another song. Elliott calls Monica’s cell phone an old alarm clock and asks why she doesn’t have call waiting! Ha ha not. It’s an attempt to be tongue-in-cheek. However, it only sounds like Elliott is auditioning for Honey 2: Gettin’ Honey.


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