Single Review: Shania Twain “Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come So Soon!)”

Thank You Baby! (For Makin’ Someday Come So Soon)
Album: Up!
Year: 2003

Shania Twain finds her true love in “Thank You Baby!” She didn’t much have much initative to get out there and actively look for someone. Instead, she relied on fate and waited for a guy to make the first move. (“I didn’t like datin’/and trying to find someone/I gave up waiting/for love to come along/there had to be some way/I knew i’d find it someday”). Shania, there is a way: stop using fate as an excuse for being scared of being rejected.

She thanks her boyfriend in the chorus for coming into her life and stopping the loneliness she was feeling. (“Yeah, thank you baby!/for making’ some day come so soon/Yeah, thank you baby!/for lovin’ me the way you do”).

Guys did approach her for dates (since she wasn’t doing anything). However, she was unsatsified with them. (“So many numbers/so many guys to call/is it any wonder/I got nowhere at all”). Yes, there is some wonder. For instance, the guys who were approaching meant she was attracting the wrong type. She continues to thank her boyfriend until the end.

Dating isn’t always fun. There are going to be people who present themselves as something as they aren’t. There are going to people who are might take advantage of the situation. Sometimes it doesn’t get even past the flirting stage. But it’s a part of it. You learn of what your needs and wants as you go along. Fate isn’t going to say, “Hey, I know you are at the peak time of being tired of looking someone. I will send you someone will be all that you’re looking for. You fall in love and this person will be your true love.” If you want something, you have to work for it.


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