Single Review: Tyler Hilton “When It Comes”

When It Comes
Album: The Tracks Of…
Year: 2004

On the WB teen soap One Tree Hill, Tyler Hilton plays Chris, an unlikeable, self important person.He insults anyone who doesn’t follow his purist musician tendencies and assumes everyone else is below him, in terms of talent. He even has a tantrum when he’s playing his so-called intelligent music and everyone in the club is disinterested. He trys to play it off as a way for Haley to get over her stage fright and perform. But then he hits on Haley, leading her on thinking he has music connections when in reality, he wants to sleep with her.

For Tyler Hilton, acting on the show is an another way to promote his music. He gains visibility and has scenes in which his music from The Tracks Of…. are played. However, his character is loathsome and unpleasant, it becomes an even tougher sell. On top of that, his role is to break up Haley and Nathan, the show’s most popular couple. Essentially, the teen and adult fans are going to have his head if he succeeds.

Hilton’s music is as bland and shallow as his character. In “When It Comes,” he’s trying to discover himself. He wants to learn what makes him feel empty. His sadness is like a job which he can’t ever leave (“I study up my hollow/A day that doesn’t come/To the lucky”). However, he enjoys being unhappy than feel a myriad of emotions (“And I realize there’s tomorrow/But I would rather wallow/In the rain then moods that seem/So pot-lucky”). The “pot-lucky” is out of place. It would be used in a flip, bubbly manner. Here, it’s used to make to a rhyme (which is more of ‘adding an extra word’ than anything else) and it’s unintenionally hilarious.

Like the Jack Kerouac he aspires to be, he drives that long, lonely road. (“Well I’m cruising El Paseo/In my off-white coup back ’65/Or I’m cruisin down my own street/And my hooptie says to me/You better hang on to your bench seat”).

He will let his friends and family know when he has learned about what he wants to be. (“And I’ll let you know/When it comes, when it comes…”).

He’s going to leave it up to fate and hopes something will happen to him which will change his life. He’s nervous, though. (“So I wait for fate to find me/A ball of string unwind me/Uncomfortable as a centerfold”). But he’s not alone. He has someone who will share with the memories. (“And I realize you’re behind me/To help and humankind me/To see my songs can be retold”). Humankind is not a verb, it’s a noun. Not to mention, it’s used in the wrong context. It’s doubtful his friend and Tyler are the only two people left on earth. However, it’s used as a synonym for lov, which it’s not. But nonetheless, he’s leaving her and he won’t be in school after tomorrow. (“Well I’ll be gone tomorrow/Yes I’m on the road tomorrow/So next time that I see you in school/It won’t be for too long”).

He wants to do an extreme makeover on himself while he’s gone. (“And I want a leather jacket/But only if I have the time”). Money would help, too. (“Well, I’ll comb my hair like Elvis/And grab an old Gretch 59/And you’d hardly recognize me if you/Saw me from behind”).

He fancies himself a legend in his own mind with the sweeping dramatics and people (Elvis). He rather be an unattainable celebrity than a real person.

Tyler Hilton will be remembered for his role on “One Tree Hill,” not the music.


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