Single Review: Allure & 112 “All Cried Out”

All Cried Out
Album: Allure
Year: 1997

In 1997, R&B girl groups were springing up and experiencing some success on Top 40: Allure, Destiny’s Child, 702, Total, Changing Faces, to name a few. However, none differentiated themselves from the pack and the U.S. hadn’t yet embraced R&B. With the exception of Destiny’s Child, each were forgotten.

Allure’s cover of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam’s “All Cried Out” corrects the mistakes of the original and makes the song their own. The tempo is a bit faster, which is the most noticeable change. Instead of three voices, there are ten. Like the original, the two groups take turns with the vocals providing both to showcase themselves. With ten people singing at once towards the end, it doesn’t overcrowded. It’s produced amazingly well in this regard.

Allure has the cover right from the start. The women in the group have talent and finally give the song the full vocal power it needed the first time around. The tone has also changed, given the better voices. Instead of vulnerability which Lisa Lisa conveyed in the original, Allure is direct and unforgiving. (“Don’t you know my tears will burn the pillow/Set this place on fire/’cause I’m tired of your lies/All I needed was a simple hello”).

112, on the other hand, are far more distressed than the men in the Cult Jam were. Q is geniunely apologetic. (“Had to go astray/For why was I such a fool…”).

The women of Allure sing the next verse. The rich harmonies alone here top the original. (“Don’t you know my tears will cause an inferno…”). There’s a minor change in one of the lyrics, though. “Romance up in flames” becomes “romance fades.” It still keeps with the theme of the song and stays with the dismissive tone of the new version. Instead it hints the break up was a long time coming while the original made it sudden.


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