Single Review: Blu Cantrell “Make Me Wanna Scream”

Make Me Wanna Scream
Album: Bittersweet
Year: 2003

Blu Cantrell is fed up with her cheating boyfriend in the uneven “Make Me Wanna Scream.”

She tells him whenever he has sleeps with another woman, she’s going to find out eventually. He’s flirting with other woman and she doesn’t need to rely on him for her financial welfare. However, he’s telling Cantrell she shouldn’t listen to the rumors. But she tells him to shut up and go. (“What’s done in the dark comes to light, for sho/So the thing you did with her, I was gonna know/You impressin these girls, showin’ off your flow/But I got my own bank, so I’m out the door/You callin’ me sayin’ baby please/don’t believe those lies…You’re a dirt bag, so just get away from me”).

She continues to say what goes around comes around and she’s over him. (“What you do will always come back to you…What you say don’t mean a damn thing to me/Tried to make a fool out of me”).

He makes her angry and frustrated (“You make me wanna shout/Make me wanna scream/Make me lose my cool/But I’m gonna throw my hands up”). The chorus resembles the hip hop songs used in sports games. It gives the impression she’s ticked because the opposing team scored a point.
His other girlfriends call the house and tell her nothing is going on. He, in turn, tells Cantrell the other woman are jealous and want him. He blames the women’s feminine wiles for leading him astray. Cantrell doesn’t believe her sexist, so-called defenseless boyfriend for a minute. (“Saying your girlfriend just lying on me/You say they just want what you got…you’re the victim or so you say/I guess they’re throwing their drawers/and bras your way…I’m not hearing that noise”).

Cantrell’s distinctive voice makes the single listenable. However, she needs to get out of the Maury Povich antics of R&B and release some music which hasn’t been scraped from the bottom of the barrel.


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