Single Review: Bowling For Soup “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”

Girl All The Bad Guys Want
Album: Drunk Enough To Rock
Year: 2003

Lead singer Jarret Reddick idealizes Lola, a bad girl in a popular goth clique he likes.

He’s mustering up to some courage to talk to her at a party. But he’s intimidated by her beauty and status. Lola’s out of his league and doesn’t even know he exists. (“8 o’clock, Monday night and I’m waitin’/To finally talk to a girl a little cooler than me/Her name is Lola, she’s a rocker with a nose ring…And when she walks/All the wind blows and the angels sing/She doesn’t notice me!”).

Lola’s a guy’s type of girl. She’s into watching wrestling, loud music, and only dates the bad boys. (“Cause she is watchin’ wrestling/Creamin’ over tough guys/Listenin’ to rap metal/Turntables in her eyes”). He hates himself for not being able make himself noticed and sees the other guys as inferior to him. In his mind, those guys only want to use her and throw her away. She won’t mean anything to them like he does to her. (“It’s like a bad movie/She is lookin’ through me/If you were me, then you’d be/Screamin’ “Someone shoot me!”/As I fail miserably,/Tryin’ to get the girl all the bad guys want”).

Lola’s quite the party girl, yet Reddick thinks she’s missing out by not even glancing his way. (“She says she’d like to score some reefer and a forty/She’ll never know that I’m the best that she’ll never have”) However, Lola’s the stereotypical shallow teenage girl. Her boyfriend qualities are based on physical aspects (hair color, type of car, etc.) (“She likes ’em with a moustache/Racetrack season pass/Drivin’ in a Trans-Am”). He can only see Lola as anything but perfect. However, he doesn’t get that she is exactly like the guys she seeks out to date.

He did manage to ask her out but he got turned down. He finally reveals his true intentions: he’s like the guys she dates but worse. He acts like a nice guy when all he really wants to do is sleep with her. She’s a conquest to him, nothing more. (“She broke my heart, I wanna be sedated/All I wanted was to see her naked!”). The Ramones reference is out of nowhere and only there to make Bowling for Soup look cool. But it makes them pathetic for a mentioning a song which is a classic in a genre they are helping to ruin.

Instead of giving up and moving on, he changes himself into the type of guy he likes. (“Now I am watchin’ wrestling/Tryin’ to be a tough guy/Listenin’ to rap metal…I can’t grow a moustache/And I ain’t got no season pass/All I got’s a moped”). It doesnt’ make any difference to her at all. She’s probably laughing at him and thinking of an escape plan to get away from him (“It’s like a bad movie/She is lookin’ through me…”).


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