Single Review: Christina Milian “AM To PM”

Album: Christina Milian
Year: 2001

When Christina Milian first debuted, she was aimed toward the ‘tweens. Launched as an R&B Jessica Simpson, her image resembled every other pop star in the market: squeaky clean Although she was actually a little rough around the edges. Her transition from being Ja Rule’s hook girl to sweet and innocent pop star was quite a switch. A change which made her easily forgotten.

Nonetheless, the affable ” AM To PM” has Milian gathering everybody she knows for an all-night party to dance to her new single. She wants to dance in the dark at the nearest club (“Somebody hit the lights so we can rock it day ‘n night/people gettin’ down that’s right from am to pm”).

While she walks to the club with her friends, she notices people are dressed up to the nines and some are blaring music out of their car speakers. (“everybody lookin’ like stars/all the chicks ‘n the fellas in the bar/all of ya’ll bumpin this in your car/from am to pm”).

The pumping beat of the single will get people to dance in the clubs and in their cars all the time. It’s going to be people’s favorite song. (“everybody wanna get down when they hear the sound when you bump the beat 365 days a year 24 a day 7 days a week now when your drivin’ in your 4 x 4 ‘n you turn this up on your steareo whether night or day non stop/you play ‘n you know you still want more so”).

She encourages the guy to dance with a girl who isn’t with anyone and tells the girls to get on the floor with their boyfriends. (“find a honey thats standin’ on the wall/all the girls got there guys on the floor/from the front and back, let’s hear this”).

She sees everyone dancing to her song and thinks it’s great (“everybody in the club come on keep boppin’ your head down to this song/you got the beats ‘n breaks ‘n your body shaking”).

The lyrics are nothing special. However, it’s redeemed by Milian’s excitement. She’s proud of her new song and wants other people to hear it. If she had been stuck up and already declaring herself a star, the single would be annoying. “From AM To PM” is a fun, light listen.


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