Single Review: Mariah Carey “Never Too Far”

Never Too Far
Album: Glitter
Year: 2001

After finding out her bad boy boyfriend got killed, Billie begins her concert with a (Mariah Carey) “stop” gesture, silencing her audience. Billie then breaks into an acapella version of “Never Too Far” and walks off the stage, leaving her fans without a show. The fans are puzzled but accept it. Then, at the very end she is still in her tight dress and stumbles to see her mother. Her legs can barely move and it’s like she’s drunk. The crying makes it worse. It’s a hilarious image.

Billie’s boyfriend will always be with her in the passe “Never Too Far.” Their relationship was the best one she ever had and it hurts her to speak about him. (“You’re with me/Til the bitter end/What we had transcends/This experience/Too painful to/Talk about”). She decides to bottle her pain inside until she feels ready to move on. (“So I’ll hold it in/Til my heart can mend/And be brave enough to love again”).

The memories she has of him give her comfort and whenever she thinks of all the fame she has, she will think of him. (“In the memories there is solace”).

She won’t forget the memories and he will always be her one true love. (“Never too far away/I won’t let time erase/One bit of yesterday….Nobody can take your place/Though we can never be/I’ll keep you close to me”).

She will think of the time she met him at the club and the color of his eyes. (“Glittering lights/Incandescent eyes/Still preserved/In my mind/In the memories I’ll find solace”).

The single doesn’t have the impact it desires. She is viewing her boyfriend with rose-colored glasses. In the movie, he cheats, leaves without letting her know why, and lies to her. In the song, he’s a perfect person which isn’t true. Without it’s link to “Glitter,” the single could be the usual love song. However, in context with the movie, it doesn’t work. On top of its many flaws, Mariah screeches and mumbles her way through “Never Too Far” as she strains to relive her glory days.


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