Single Review: Norah Jones “Feelin’ The Same Way”

Feelin’ The Same Way
Album: Come Away With Me
Year: 2003

Norah Jones finds herself lost in depression in “Feelin’ The Way.”

She wakes up to a shining sun, knowing that she needs to act like she’s alive even though she doesn’t feel it. She’s done this many times before her acting has become routine. (“The sun just slipped its note below my door/And I can’t hide beneath my sheets/I’ve read the words before so now I know/the time has come again for me”).

She feels the usual boredom and numbness, which accompanies her everyday. She tries to be happy but it doesn’t change her gloomy mood (“Feelin’ the same way all over again/Singin’ the same lines all over again/No matter how much I pretend”).

She is distracted by the pain she is feeling and is uneasy with herself. She can’t believe this is who she is. She feels like another person, although she’s borrowing a body for her live in. (“Another day that I can’t find my head/My feet don’t look they’re my own”). She’s uncomfortable in her own skin and gives herself a pep talk before going off to work. She wants to believe herself. (“I’ll try and find the floor below to stand/And I hope I reach it once again”).

Her depression has led to some self-destructive behavior: not knowing what she has done after a night of drinking or how she made it home. Something is missing inside her and searches for it but never does find it. (“So many times I wonder where I’ve gone/And how I found my way back in/I’ll look around awhile for something lost/Maybe I’ll find it in the end”).

Lee Alexander wrote “Feelin’ The Same Way” about having a hangover. However, the lyrics are vague and flexible which lets people come to their own conclusion. The descriptions are vibrant, rich with detail. Every object breathes (the sun slips a note, her body).


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