Single Review: U2

All Because of You
Album: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
Year: 2004

Throughout his life, one person has shaped Bono for the person he has become in “All Because of You.”

He was born into a decent, ordinary family (” I was born a child of grace/
Nothing else about the place”). While everything around him was hateful and dysfunctional, the person provided him with a honest and a trusting relationship. (“Everything was ugly but your beautiful face/And it left me no illusion”).

The person is with him everywhere if they are not physically with Bono. (“I saw you in the curve of the moon/In the shadow cast across my room”). The person also encouraged Bono and listened to him when he had problems. (“You heard me in my tune/When I just heard confusion”).

Bono is who he is because of this person. (“all because of you/I am”).

Bono admits to being self-centered and liking the attention. He realized he was growing slowly and was only trying to impress the person he admires. (“I like the sound of my own voice/I didn’t give anyone else a choice/An intellectual tortoise/Racing with your bullet train”).

In life, he has seen people take idiotic risks and get killed in the process. Then, he has seen others who are ambitious and only seek to reach the top. Bono’s in the middle of these groups of people. However, it’s the person who keeps him in line, grounded, and picks him up when he’s about to fall. (“Some people get squashed crossing the tracks/Some people got high rises on their backs/I’m not broke but you can see the cracks/You can make me perfect again”).

He’s an adult now and without the person for the first time in his life. (“I’m alive/I’m born”). However, he’s not scared of his past and wants to repair damaged relationships in his family. (“I just arrived, I’m at the door/Of the place I started out from/And I want back inside”).

The person is ambigious. Although it’s likely to be a friend or a mentor. U2 are officially back after the disappointing “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.”


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