Single Review: Britney Spears “Overprotected”

Album: Britney
Year: 2002

In the movie “Crossroads,” Britney Spears is Lucy, the class valedictorian who studied throughout high school and never experienced anything. Her father (Dan Akyroyd) had already decided her major and college for her. As a result, Lucy felt “overprotected” which led her to drive off to L.A. with a couple former friends and a possible ex-con to find her mom.

Beginning with now standard intro, she says she needs time, fun, love, space, and herself to learn about the world around her. (“I need time (time)/Love (love)/Joy (joy)/I need space/I need me/Action!”).

She confronts her father about his rules. She is grown up now and he has to take her opinion seriously . She tells him she needs to think for herself and learn who she is. (“Say hello to the girl that I am!/You’re gonna have to see through my perspective/I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am/And I don’t wanna be so damn protected”). She wants to take risks but isn’t sure what to do (“There must be another way/Cause I believe in taking chances/But who am I to say/What a girl is to do/God, I need some answers”).

She’s scared about her future and what it holds. The background singers reassure her and give advice. Ironic considering, she doesn’t want to listen to adults anymore. (“what am I to do with my life/(You will find it out don’t worry)/How am I supposed to know what’s right?/(You just got to do it your way)/I can’t help the way I feel/But my life has been so overprotected”). She points the finger at her father for her confusion and imposing stricts limits on her life.

She’s tried to take control only to have other people make those decisions for her. They don’t care what she thinks. She’s sheltered and lives in her own bubble without knowing other ways to live. (“I tell ’em what I like/What I want/What I don’t/But every time I do I stand corrected/Things that I’ve been told/I can’t believe what I hear about the world, I realize/I’m overprotected”). She says once again she needs to discover herself and she has to start now. (“I need… time (love)/I need… space/This is it, this is it”).

She pouts, saying she doesn’t need anybody to tell her what to do with her life. She’s tired of it and had enough of the adults turning her into what they want her to be. (“I don’t need nobody/Tellin me just what I wanna/What I what what what I’m gonna/Do about my destiny/I Say No, No…I’m so fed up with people telling me to be/Someone else but me”).

Spears comes across a teenager who just wants to live without any rules and blames everyone around her for not letting her do what she wants to do. “Overprotected,” written by Max Martin, was out of date by it’s release. It could’ve been a b-side to the “Oops…I Did It Again” album.


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