Single Review: LeeAnn Rimes & Ronan Keating “Last Thing On My Mind”

Last Thing On My Mind
Album: Turn It On (Ronan Keating)/Greatest Hits (Lee Ann Rimes)
Year: 2003

Ronan Keating wishes he would’ve paid more understanding of his girlfriend’s problems in “Last Thing On My Mind.”

It’s early morning and he’s awake, thinking of his girlfriend’s abrupt breakup with him. He blames her leaving on himself. He didn’t bother to pick up the signals for when she wanted to talk their problems through. (“Four o’clock in the morning/My mind’s filled with a thousand thoughts of you/How you left me without a warning/But looking back I’m sure you tried to talk it through”).

LeAnn Rimes, singing the part of his girlfriend, believes she did the right thing. They’ve drifted apart and no longer have the same goals as a couple. (“Now I say it so clearly/We have been together but living separate lives”).

Keating wants to apologize to her in person but can’t face her. (“So, I wanna tell you I’m sorry
Baby, I can’t find the words/But, if I could/Than you know I would”).

However, they both have hope that they will get back together. (“No, I won’t let go/No why we can be/I won’t watch my life crashing down on me/As I had it all right there before my eyes/Girl I’m sorry now you were the last thing on my mind”).

Rimes remembers the times he supported her. They went through some tough times together. (“You carried me like a river/How far we have come still surprises me.”). He thinks, though, of how he used to care about his girlfriend. (“Now, I look in the mirror/Staring back is a man I used to be with you/How I longed for you”). He apologizes one last time for not being a good boyfriend to her. (“Girl I’m sorry I was wrong/Couldn’t be there, should have been so strong/So, I’m sorry”).

Rimes doesn’t have much of a part. However, she does well with what she’s been given. She’s found a great middle ground. She’s not cauterwauling like in earlier hits nor is she breathy to fit the modern pop star mold. She gives the single some much needed sophiscation. Keating, however, brings the excess. His vocals are overdramatic as a soap opera actor’s line delivery.


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