Single Review: Lil’ Kim & Mr. Cheeks “The Jump Off”

The Jump Off
Album: La Bella Mafia
Year: 2003

In the “The Jump Off,” Lil’ Kim struggles to return to her former hardcore image.

The intro opens with rapper Mr. Cheeks and Lil’ Kim saying the name of the single (“Aiyyo Tim man this the jump off right here man! (Jump off!)…It’s the jump off (Come on)”). The first verse starts and she proclaims she has people in the club ready to kill if someone messes with her (“Goons in the club incase somethin jumps off/And back up before the hive let the pump off/In the graveyard is where you get dumped off”). She wants to party and show off her wealth (“All we wanna do is party (Woo!)/And buy everybody at the bar Bacardi (Woo!)/Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari”). She certainly has enough plastic in her to warrant the Barbie doll comparison. She has bodyguards around to make sure her friends are safe and she’s not someone you want to mess with. (“Keep it gangsta look out for her people (For her people)/I’m the wicked bitch of the east, you better keep the peace (Aiyyo!)/Or out come the beast”). Other people in the club know they are there and to watch their backs. (“Our presence is felt like a Black Panther movement/Seven quarter to eights back to back with ’em”).

In the chorus, she revels in the glitz and luxury her life as a rapper has afforded her (“this is for my peeps, with the Bentleys, the Hummers, the Benz/Escalades twenty three inch rims (Oh!)/Jumpin out the Jaguar with the Tims, keep it real/And live good, East coast West coast worldwide”).

Lil’ Kim brags that she and producer Timbaland is a fantastic combination which will blow people away when they hear it. She says she’s for women while he’s for men. (“It’s Lil’ Kim and Timbaland n***** s*** ya drawers (Come on)/Special delivery for you and yours (Now)/I rep for bitches he rep for boys”). She has money and spending it thousands of dollars at one time is nothing (“Money ain’t a thing throw it out like rice/Been around the world cop the same thing twice”). She freely admits she’s only likes “sex, drugs, and cash.”

In the third and final verse, she raps about being a sex object and her harem of men around the world (“Enter the world of the Playboy pin up girl/Buttnaked dressed in nothin but pearls…Got a man in Japan and a dude in Tahiti/Believe me sweety I got enough to feed the needy”). Her girlfriends are pretty although it’s implied not as much as her. (“No need to be greedy I got mad friends that’s pretty (Hey!)/
Chicks by the layers (And) all different flavors (Woo!)”). She ends it by keeping her obsession with Notorious B.I.G. intact (“We gone do this just like Big Poppa was here”). In the outro, Mr. Cheeks declares Lil’ Kim is back (“Two thousand and, f***** three, why not? we makin’ it hot”).

Lil’ Kim is back but with idiotic, shallow rhymes and a rapper who only had one hit then faded into obscurity. She’s a caricature without a personality.


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