Single Review: Debbie Gibson “Lost In Your Eyes”

Lost In Your Eyes
Album: Electric Youth
Year: 1989

Debbie Gibson and her boyfriend make googly eyes at each other in the romantic but mediocre “Lost In Your Eyes.”

Gibson finds inspiration in his eyes and wonders if she has fallen in love. (“I get lost/in your eyes/and I feel my spirits rise/and soar like the wind/Is it love I’m in?”). He looks at her and she melts. She’s curious if this is what romance is like. Once she gazes into his beautiful eyes, she can’t stop. (“I get weak/in a glance/isn’t this what’s called romance/…and now I know/’cause when I’m lost/I can’t let go”).

She’s unafraid of the possible risk the relationship could be over in a week. All she knows is that he makes her feel wonderful inside when he looks into his eyes. (“I don’t mind not knowing/what I’m headed for/you can take me to the skies/it’s like being lost in heaven/when I’m lost in your eyes”).

There’s something special about him she can’t put her finger on. They both have strong feelings for each other. For her, it was love at first sight and she knew they were meant to be. (“I just fell/I don’t know why/something’s there we can’t deny/and when I first knew/was when I first looked into your eyes”). She knows she has found someone who believes in her. She can see it in his eyes. (“And if I/can’t find my way/if salvation seems worlds away/Oh, I’ll be found/when I am lost in your eyes”).

The piano in the beginning is overwrought and predictable. But single picks up once the drums and strings join in, drowning out the piano and emphasizing the cheese with every note. Gibson, vocally, shines in “Lost In Your Eyes.” She adds genuine happiness to the single.


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