Single Review: Fuel “Falls On Me”

Falls On Me
Album: Natural Selection
Year: 2003

Brett Scallions is inspired by love in the overdramatic “Falls On Me.”

His girlfriend has been supportive of him during his tough times and mistakes (“I’ve seen you hanging round/This darkness where I’m bound/And this black hole I’ve dug for me”). He doesn’t expect her to hold his hand and be there. Her affection eases his hopelessness (“With hands touching skin/The shock breaks my disease/And I can breathe”).

Her strength and ambition influences him to become a better person. (“And all of your weight/all you dream/falls on me, it falls on me/and your beautiful sky/the light you bring/falls on me, it falls on me”).

She believes in him and listens to his problems (“your faith like pain/draws me in again/she washes all my wounds for me”). He’s afraid if she can handle all his past troubles and still love him as she does now. (“The darkness in my veins/I never could explain/And I wonder if you ever see/will you still believe?”).

He doubts if he can get through life without feeling pain and wonders if he will have any effect on her. He wants her to help make a positive change in him (“am I that strong/to carry on?/I might change your life/I might save my world/could you save me?”).

Written by guitarist Chris Bell, “Falls On Me” is adult contemporary ballad set to heavy guitars. While it’s one of the better rock songs, Fuel is indistinguishable from 3 Doors Down and other imitators.


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