Single Review: Jennifer Lopez “I’m Glad”

I’m Glad
Album: This Is Me…Then
Year: 2003

Jennifer Lopez promotes her relationship with Ben Affleck in the insincere”I’m Glad.”

Lopez, banking everything on ‘Bennifer’, had an entire album dedicated to it. Nearly every song is associated with her relationship Affleck. It was reported by Face Up magazine, Affleck played “I’m Glad” when he proposed to her.

The single begins with a sample of Schoolly D’s “P.S.K, What Does It Mean.” After nearly a minute, Lopez then talks about first meeting with Affleck and thinking she could find a new audience by dating him. It was an unexpected opportunity for her to trade up. She then thinks of the cameras fawning over her relationship.Happineess meaning being accepted the Hollywood elite. (“Baby when I think about/The day that we first met (the day that we first met)/Wasn’t looking for what I found/But I found you/And I’m bound to/find happiness in bein’ around you”).

She’s crowing about sleeping with him and that he’s the best boyfriend ever! (“I’m glad when I’m makin’ love to you/I’m glad for the way you make me feel/I love it ’cause you seem to blow my mind/Everytime”). She loves the attention and the publicity it will bring. (“I’m glad when we walk you hold my hand…I’m glad that you came into my life/I’m so glad”).

She likes that he likes rap (a fact confirmed by and lavishes her with affection. (“I dig the way that you get down (you get down and thugged out)/And you still know how to hold me.”) He’s the perfect man in her eyes. After being married twice, she is in love for real this time. The other men don’t count. (“Perfect blend, masculine (can’t get enough now) I think I’m in love/damn, finally!”).

In the bridge, she’s pleased that she’s found someone who loves the press as much as she does. (“I’m glad/that you/turned out to be/that certain someone special/who makes this worth living.”) And hopefully, more profitable. She doesn’t want him to leave her. If he does, the entire public relations plan wouldn’t work. (“So say that you won’t leave/’cause since the day you came/I’m glad.”)

The tasteless “I’m Glad” is the only listenable tune on the entire album. However. it’s marred by Lopez’s boasting of landing a boyfriend with an Oscar and delusions of millions of people caring what she does in her private life.


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