Single Review: LeeAnn Rimes “Tic Toc”

Tic Toc
Album: Twisted Angel
Year: 2002

LeAnn Rimes vamps for her lover in the raunchy “Tic Toc.”

A clock tics with Rimes singing “tic, tic, tic, toc, toc” in a sensual way. She is taking her lover to her bedroom and begins to sleep with him. (“Come inside my walls of/ecstasy, within me/close the door and throw away/the key/that’s the you can start by/moving nice and slow/taking your time to move/down low”). He satisfies her (“’cause everything you do is/everything I need”) and likes romance (“lights are low, so here we go/let’s get busy”). Hee hee. LeAnn Rimes just said ‘let’s get busy.’

Time’s a-wastin’ and LeAnn Rimes wants to get down. H (“tic toc/hands on the clock/time to make my body rock”). Her lover understands her and turns her on (“move with me/you get me/So hot that I can’t stop/ here I come ready or not….tic toc tic toc baby”).

She has discovered her sexual side with him (“You opened up my world to/paradise, so nice/Feels so good my body/liquefies”). Rimes isn’t shy and reveals he gives her lots of orgasms. (“When you touch me I lose
control and start to shake/Your love is so good I ain’t/gotta fake”).

“Tic Toc” gets more explicit in the bridge. It’s like an R.Kelly song but without the predatory aspects.
She’s ready for him to put the key in the ignition. (“Tic Toc the clock keeps on tick’n/hurry up before it gets too late”).

She’s aggressive in the latter half of the bridge, directing her lover on what to do for her to reach an orgasm. It’s punctated by her moaning in the background. (“A little to the left/A little to the right/A little bit longer/All the way tonight/I close my eyes, my body/tenses/boy your touch hits all my senses/don’t stop/come on/I’m almost there/in the middle of the night/Reality stops/and I’m suspended/in your arms/as I melt from your touch.”).

LeAnn Rimes talking about having sex is like an adult child hearing about the how they were conceived from their parents. It’s not something people want to talk about. As far as I’m concerned, she’s still the fresh-faced 12-year-old who sings covers of other songs. After having the sweet, innocent girl image for so long, it’s hard to believe she’s a young, married woman now.

However. but trying to do away with her child-like image by talking about her sex life is something she should keep private. “Tic Toc” is TMI.


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