Single Review: Mary J. Blige “Ooh!”

Album: Love & Life
Year: 2003

Mary J. Blige is excited to have found her true love in the delightful “Ooh!”

It’s the little things he does which makes her happy like being affectionate at random times (“In the middle of the night/When you hold me tight/Say it’s all right/I’m yours forever”). She’s easygoing and unguarded as long he doesn’t cheat or treat her badly. She’s willing to make dinner and keep the house clean for him. (“I do what you want/if you don’t hurt me/I’ll cook and clean/I’ll make you happy”).

Her relationship with him makes her giddy and she’s proud to have him in her life. (“And ooh/
What you do to me/Ooh! You’re my everything/And ooh! I’m so glad I found you/Ooh! I can’t live without you”).

She’s physically attracted to him and enjoys spending time with him. She wants more of him and cannot hide her joy. (“Got a Jones in my bones/And it’s all for you baby/Can’t leave you alone/I’m so addictive/I can’t shake this thang”). She hopes he is as into the relationship as she is. (“so who’s your girl/you better say my name”).

She is surprised to have found him. He’s everything she wished he would be. Her boyfriend feels like a reward for all the wrongs she has done in her life. (“It’s hard to believe that you our here with me/Making all my dreams a sweet reality/All my life I tried to find what is best for me”).

Blige’s raw, experienced voice adds to the single. In most cases, “Ooh!” would be plainly sung in an emotionless voice or caught in a million melismas. She is able to bring vulnearability, tenderness, and strength to the single without sacrificing her identity in the process.


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