Single Review: Paula Abdul “Blowing Kisses In The Wind”

Blowing Kisses In The Wind
Album: Spellbound
Year: 1991

In the tepid ballad “Blowing Kisses In The Wind,” Paula Abdul isn’t quite ready to give up on her inattentive boyfriend.

She wants her boyfriend to open up to her. (” …tell your true heart/Say what you say when you’re all alone”). He hasn’t given her a chance to get know him and she’s trying to understand why. She’s lonely in the relationship. (“I’m trying/Trying to try/And feel you/And see if I see/I’m feeling alone”).While the multiple uses of try are probably for dramatic emphasis, it only makes the lyrics incoherent.

She hasn’t been happy dating him for a long time and wants work things out. However, he has decided to break up with her. (“And all I want is/To get through/So baby, you’d see that the/Way you’re leaving me/It won’t do/It’s like I’m…”).

He’s not there for her nor he is returning any of her affections. She hopes that one day he will able to. (“blowing kisses in the wind/givin’ you love that you haven’t been given/I cross my heart and hope to die/I’m only wishing you’d love me like I”). The “like I” hangs without the a word to complete it. If “do had been added, it could’ve still fit.However, she knows deep down it’s not going to happen. (“blowing kisses in the wind/waiting, waiting, waiting/waiting for you is/It’s like blowing kisses in the wind.”).

He’s been jerking her around and she’s had enough (“so please, baby, please/release me.”). If he doesn’t think he could he ever love her, he needs to let her know. Mostly, she wants closure. (“If time over time your heart’s growing cold…If you don’t believe in believing/Then how could true love ever be so/And all I want is to get through/So baby, you’d see that the way you’re leaving me/It won’t do”).

Peter Lord, the background singer and the single’s songwriter, gives a hint of the potential the single if it was able to be sung fully and in range. (“Like I’m/like blowing kisses/I’m some biddy-bum-bum/Like I’m blowing kisses”).

Abdul’s paper thin voice makes for a cringeworthy listen. The single is written to just reach her vocal limits. She’s ok in the verses, which allow her to sing-speak her way through. However, once singing is required, she struggles.

The orchestra is the best aspect of the single. It takes away from the kitsch, carnival music of the keyboard and brings an elegance to it.


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