Single Review: Spice Girls “Let Love Lead The Way”

Let Love Lead The Way
Album: Forever
Year: 2000

The Spice Girls are concerned for a friend who is venturing out on her own in “Let Love Lead The Way.”

They are puzzled as why she made the decision and wonder if their friend will be disappointed. She’s naive and full of life. She has a future ahead of her which they hope she doesn’t screw up. All they can do is be supportive of her decision. (“what makes this world go round/will the answer let her down/She is so sweet and young/And her life has just begun/What does her future hold that’s the story left unknown/Will she make it through her days, let our love lead the way”).

They are conflicted about their friend leaving and experience a myriad of emotions (“Part of me laughs/Part of me cries/Part of me wants to question why (question why)/What good is their joy/And why is there pain/Why is there sunshine and the rain/One day you’re here/Next you are gone”).

They decide to move on despite not really wanting to. They have each other and will be there if the others need help. Eventually, the situation will work itself out as they long remain close. (“No matter what we must go on/Just keep the faith/And let love lead the way/Everthing will work out fine/If you let love, love lead the way”).

Their friend revealed she has grown tired of not being a part of the world and feels like she’s not truly living. She wants to people but doesn’t know where to begin. (“Sitting there all alone/In the window of her room/ Watching the world go by/Brings tears to her eyes/All she sees is hurt and pain, she wants to break the chain”). She’s ambitious and going to try everything to find the direction she wants to take. (“She’ll keep pressing everyday and she’ll find her own sweet way”).

They reassure her that she won’t lose her identity and she isn’t going to become someone she’s not. They tell her she will make it through and keep trying even though she may get discouraged. She’ll find the answers within herself. (“You can be all that and still can be who you are/You gotta know for sure that it isn’t make believe/You may feel weak but you are strong/Don’t you give up if/If you keep holding on, you’ll never be wrong/Just close your eyes cause it lies deep in your heart, yeah”).

“Let Love Lead The Way” is a sweet and solid ballad. Although the Spice Girls are milking Geri Haliwell’s departure for everything it’s worth, they are still staying true to their original image. They began being about friendship and end on the same note.


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