Single Review: Celine Dion “Have You Ever Been In Love”

Have You Ever Been In Love
Album: One Heart
Year: 2003

Celine Dion praises romantic relationships and determines love is the ultimate accomplishment in life in the condescending ballad “Have You Ever Been In Love.”

A piano begins the single to which a sweeping orchestra is next. Then, it’s back the piano of earnest emotion. Dion asks a person in her indoor voice if they have ever fallen in love. She adds love that make a person feel invincible and complete in the most romantic way. (“Have you ever been in love/ You could touch the moonlight/When your heart’s shooting stars/You’re holding heaven in your arms/Have you ever been so in love”).

Dion wonders if the person has ever felt the rush of love and how wonderful the other person can be. (“Have you ever walked on air/Ever felt like you were dreamin’/When you never thought it could/But it really feels that good/Have you ever been so in love”).

She exclaims in a booming yell if the person has ever been in the most perfect relationship ever in the chorus (“Have you ever been in love/You could touch the moonlight/When your heart’s shooting stars…”).

She talks about her experience of wanting someone who was exactly how she dreamed him to be. She advises the person to stay in the relationship even after discovering their significant other has an annoying habit of hogging the remote control. (“The time I spent/Waiting for something that was heaven-sent/When you find it don’t let go/I know”).

She was wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ for a good man to love and cherish. (“Have you ever said a prayer/And found that it was answered”). Since finding him, she had her faith in humanity restored. Yes, without a man she was a directionless, insignificant woman who couldn’t possibly go on living. Her man is the only one she ever wants to see. (“All my hope has been restored/And I ain’t looking anymore/Have you ever been so in love, have you…”).

Without love, life is meaningless. Her relationship is stable with her true love. She then asks if the person shares her opinion. (“Some place that you ain’t leavin’/Somewhere you’re gonna stay/When you finally found the meanin’/Have you ever felt this way’).

Dion’s idealistic and uncomplicated version of love is considered the only meaningful thing to have in life. It’s a naive idea of love. Without being alone or in imperfect relationships do people actually find out what they want.


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