Single Review: Jay-Z & Pharrell Williams “Excuse Me Miss”

Excuse Me Miss
Album: The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse
Year: 2003

Jay-Z’s interested in a good-looking woman and wants to find out her name in the sleek “Excuse Me Miss.”

Jay-Z tells his listeners to relax and drink some wine. He also says the song aimed at adults (“You can’t even drink Crist-ALL on this one/You gotta drink Crist-ALL/Buy some red wine, a little Gocha 9-7/This is for the grown and sexy”). Then, Jay-Z joins Pharrell in singing the hook. He’s telling “Miss” she’s beautiful and he wants to make lots of babies with her. Except he doesn’t know her name. (“You’re so contagious, I can’t take it/Have my baby, let’s just make it/Excuse me; what’s your name?”).

He’s s going to be a gentleman in the song. Pharrell, on the other hand, has found the “Miss” and asks if he wants to go out on a date with Jay-Z. (“Yeah, can I get my grown man on for one second?….(Pharrell: So hot to trot.. la-dy!/Excuse me miss, what’s your name?/Can you come, hang with me?/Possibly, can I take you out, tonight”).

Jay-Z is upfront with his celebrity and finances “Miss.” He isn’t going to pretend that she doesn’t know of it, either.(“You already know what it’s hittin for/Ma I got whatever outside and you know what I’m sittin’ on”). He tells her it’s not as enjoyable without a girlfriend to share it with. With him, she wouldn’t have to worry about doing chores. He already has a maid and a chef to take care of that. He only wants someone to spend time with. (“Only thing missin is a Missus/You ain’t even gotta do the dishes, got two dishwashers/Got one chef, one maid, all I need is a partner”).

He cleverly compares the relationship to playing cards. They are going to be honest and trust each other. They aren’t going to screw each other over. He reminds her the Roc-a-fella people along with Enimen and Nelly are the only relevant rappers. (“to play spades with the cards up, all trust/Who else you gon’ run with, the truth is us/Only dudes movin’ units – Em, Pimp Juice and us”). It seems as though his “Miss” was questioning whether or not Jay-Z was popular anymore. Perhaps she mentioned the name Nas. (“Therefore, I don’t wanna hear more/back and forth about who’s hot as Young, holla!”).

Jay-Z knows people view him as the stereotypical famous rapper: groupies everywhere and he has one for each night of the week. She’s heard the rumors about him and believes it. (“Everybody’s like, “He’s no item! Please don’t like him/He don’t wife ’em, he one nights ’em!”/Now she don’t like him, she never met him”). However, Jay-Z ignores the groupies but still is respectful towards him. (“Groupies try to take advantage of him, he won’t let ’em
He don’t need ’em, so he treats ’em like he treats ’em”). His “Miss” finally noticed him and he contacts her. He likes how she uses emoticons. (“She gets a glimpse of Shawn and she likes that/He 2-ways her, so she writes back/Smiley faces after all of her phrases”). He thinks he has found his true love. Despite his nervousness and fear, he’s going to take the risk and go out with her. (“Either she the one or I’m caught in “The Matrix”/But f*** it, let the Fish burne/red or green pill, you live and you learn”).

By the third verse, he practically has the entire relationship planned out and happening in his head. He wants to have a child with her and hopes she can forgive him for his wild past. He assures that part of his life is over. (“Love, let’s go half on a son, I know my past ain’t one/you can easily get past, but that chapter is done/… but I’m done readin for now”). He trusts her completely and willing to give her the keys to the house and security numbers to bypass the alarm system. He’s going to show where he puts his money. But before he takes that leap of faith, he wants to know her name. (“I’m ’bout to give you all the keys and security codes/Bout to show you where the cheese, let you know I ain’t playin/But, before I jump out the window, what’s your name?”).

In “Excuse Me Miss,” Jay-Z is a class act. He keeps his bravado to a minimum and shows that he can be humble.


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