Single Review: Jennifer Lopez & Fat Joe “Hold You Down”

Hold You Down
Album: Rebirth
Year: 2005

Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe pledge to stand by each other in the impersonal and stagnant “Hold You Down”.

Fat Joe, whose role in the song, is to be a longtime friend. Lopez squeaks that he has been there for her since childhood and throughout her life. He believed in her when nobody else didn’t. (“Now you’ve been holding me down/For such a long time now/From back then/To now in my story”). They both grew up together in the upper middle class part of the Bronx….er, from the block. He provided her strength to get through the tough times.(“straight from the hood/you’ve been there for me/and ya had my back/(When they) Back when everybody said I wasn’t anything/It was you who had me holdin’ on/No matter what was goin’ on”).

Fat Joe raps about how she began taking the 6 train in New York. Then, proudly becoming an Us Weekly cover girl and going to any major red carpet event if she doesn’t any business being there. (“Reminiscing that 6 train from way back…Mira esta que on that red carpet”). He remembers when his friend and fellow rapper, Big Punisher died, Lopez was the first one to call him and let him know. He’s grateful that she stood by his side during the ordeal. If she ever wants someone to talk or hang out with, he’ll be there. (“With Pun died you was the first to call me/I never told you but you was there for me/Whatever you need, I’ll be there for you”).

In the bridge, she tells him that he’ll be his best friend forever (BFF) if he never changes the way he is. (“Now my loyalty, will always be/With you, if you just promise me/That you’ll stay real just like you are/’Cause baby you don’t have to change (no”). She also tells him to have a great summr and keep in touch in his yearbook.

She begins the second part of the bridge. He means a lot to her even thoug she doesn’t say it much. She’ll listen if he’s any problems and she’ll be his rock during his troubles. (“You don’t know how much you mean to me/Whenever you down/You know that you can lean on me/No matter the situation”). Next, Fat Joe repeats it word for word.

Fat Joe starts the second verse, referencing the 1989 Jody Watley and Rakim hit “Friends” which he compares to the single. But without the the catchy hook, onkey singing, or the dissolution of a close friendship as its subject. This joke provided by courtesy of Google. (“2005 Rakim and Jody Watley/Why’d she paint such a picture so perfect…I’ma always hold you down, girl/You can count on me”).

Lopez tells him that they have through a lot during their longterm friendship. But despite the fact that they have lost touch in recent years, they are still best friends forever. (“So remember this whenever I call/We go back too far/We’ve been through it all/Even though we haven’t spoke/In so long/Ain’t nothing has changed/Not a damn thing, baby”).

Then, Lopez’s squeaks in her parts in the bridge again and through the next chorus. Are we at the end yet? Not quite. There’s one more verse, a bridge, a chorus, and the full bridge again to close the song.

In the third and unnecessary verse, Fat Joe raps that things will stay the same. He’s worked hard to get to a record deal and it has made him thick-skinned. (“Like green, it’s the autumns/
Things will stay/This industry, yeah, I fought/Made me this way”). He’s going to stick by Lopez through any career ups or downs. If anyone tries to get him off the sinking ship of Lopez’s career, he tells them they will have better luck trying to rake leaves during a heavy wind. (“Get between me and J.Lo/I simply stay/You better off sweepin’ leaves/On a windy day”).

Lopez replies in her section of the redundant verse that she’ll be there no matter what happens. She remembers how he stood up for her when they were kids. (“So I don’t care about the situation/I’ma ride for you if there’s a complication/Every time you had my back and all/When we were young”).

“Hold You Down” is a monotonous and even more unlistenable version of her 2002 hit with LL Cool J, “All I Have.”


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