Single Review: Samantha Fox “Touch Me ( I Want Your Body)”

Touch Me
Album: Touch Me
Year: 1986

At age 16, Samantha Fox first gained fame as a topless model in the UK’s Sun newspaper. She soon became a celebrity fixture and four years later, pursued a music career.

The crude, cheap synth dance-pop single “Touch Me” opens with an exaggerated moan and Fox telling her lover to touch her. She wants his body against hers. (” Oh…touch me (this is the night)/Oh…touch me… I wanna feel your body”).

Fox was looking for a guy to sleep with while walking in the city (“Full moon in the city/And the night was young/I was hungry for love/I was hungry for fun”). Then, Fox gets her similies mixed up. She’s like a wolf but at the same she’s the prey. If she’s the bait then she can’t be the hunter. Unless Fox is counting her breasts as bait, the lyric doesn’t make sense. She apologizes for not being person to initiate whatever little conversation they will have. (“I was hunting you down/And I was the bait/When I saw you there/I didn’t mean to hesitate”).

In the pre-chorus, she declares it’s the right time for them. (“This is the night/This is the time we’ve got to get it right”). In the chorus, she demands that he touch her immediately. (“Your heart beat next to mine/(This is the night)/Touch me, touch me now”).

After sleeping with her, the guy leaves in the middle of the night while she’s asleep. She wonders if she caused him injury or didn’t do something correctly. (“Quick as a flash you disappeared into the night/Did I hurt you boy?/Didn’t I treat you right?”). She liked how he he made her feel. She doesn’t understand why the guy left her after presenting herself as a sex object and not as a person. (“You made me feel so good/Made me feel myself/Now I’m alone and you’re with somebody else”).

Now she finds herself dealing with the consequences of casual sex. She wanted instant gratification but not the rejection which goes along with it. (“Hot and cold emotions confusing my brain/I could not decide between pleasure and pain”). She calls herself a tramp and feels like it was her fault. (“Like a tramp in the night/I was begging you/To treat my body like you wanted to”). She says her body wants him. (“Uh, it’s begging for you”).

She adds in the chorus that now she only wants to sleep with him. (“‘Cos I want your body all the time”).

Fox’s vocals are flaky and dry. She doesn’t have any range and sounds like she’s talking instead of singing.

The raunchy “Touch Me,” plays upon the virgin/whore image with glee. Fox can’t decide if she wants to be aggressive or passive. It’s like she’s a hot one-night stand woman who will make bacon and eggs the next morning in her apron. It’s over-the-top and silly. While not graphic, it does get it point across to sell Fox as overtly sexual.


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